Friday, October 14, 2011

Man, I'm busy!


Not complaining.  Just REALLY tied up.  

I have had about 6 really good blog posts form in my head this week.  I just never get around to the keyboard (unless it's to tell y'all that I'm too busy to type something this).  When I actually do sit down to write, I end up reading all y'all's posts in my GoobleReader, and commenting some.  Thanks for doing the heavy lifting!

Gotta work graveyards on my days off this weekend (guys out sick & National Guard), which I don't mind one bit.  I love my job, and it's OT.

Upset Sattidy!

Yep...this here will be full of 'em.  None of the top 10 teams will be upset.  My beloved Tigers will beat Corch Dooley's sharpshooters by 24 in their Big House.  Corch St. Nick's Tide will beat the Smiley Klan Bears by 117.  OU will beat KS by 80.  Ditto with The Badgers over whoever that is they're playing.  Oklahoma State should score 90 points, and rack up 1,000 yards of offense against the miserable 'Horns.

But after the Top 10...

Michigan State beats Michigan by 6.

Mississippi State beats South Carolina, and the Head Ball Corch by 3.

Texas Tech beats Kansas State by 10.

Wake beats Virginia Tech by 8.

Flarda beats Auburn by 14.

And, in the Baylor v. Texas fAggies game...well, nobody really cares.

Y'all have a great weekend, and enjoy the gaaaaaamz!!!!


  1. No one cares except for fifty-thousand prayin' Baptists. I'm more worried about my OSU Aggies. They have to go to Austin. What if those t-sippers are mad about Okie teams whippin' up on them?

  2. Lou, The Cowboys will destroy them. Mark it down. It will be a snoozer.

  3. LSU by 24 - not a bad prediction. Miss State - good chance. Florida, you're wishing.

  4. Jim, I wanted to pick LSU by 40, but I remember last year.

    I am not wishing for anything in the Flarda game. I don't really care which team loses. I just think it will be The Barn.

  5. We will be at the LSU vs VOLS game tomorrow....look for us about the 40 yardline -- Row 9. :) I'm sure them Tigers are gonna whip our butts but it will be fun anyways. I'll get ya a good picture of Corch Dooley in his orange britches. :)

  6. Dr. Jill, I was just sitting down to G-mail you another "thankee" for my weekly dose of Vol.

    So if it's okay, we'll let this serve.

    Poor Dooley...tryin' to make a dollar...gimme a swaller, and I'll pay you back some day...

    I love the guy, and you know I do.

    Lookit, if you and Mr. D sends me a pitcher of Derrick in his Urnge britches, I will do my TN "Show and Tell" post earlier than I had planned.

    That should get you off the hook.

    Dang! I wish I could be there tomorrow. It would be bitchin'...

  7. Geez Andy, how could you forget
    Georgia v. Vandy? That's gotta be a close one, right? I'll make it easy, a multiple choice. Pick score A, B, or C.

    A: G 42 - V 3
    B: G 55 - V 0
    C: G 21 - V 28

    Help me out here. What do you see in that crystal ball?

  8. Dan, let's go with

    Dawgs 35, Commodores 17

    Keep the faith, brother. Seems that Diamond Dave who comments here is also in y'all's clan.

    See, there's at least two of y'all!

  9. Having a Razorback bye-weekend is good for one's blood pressure. And these days, that's a very good thing!


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