Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well, I was rawng on dang near every "upset" I called yesterday!



(As a side note, it just occurred to me that this is the first weekend in a coon's age that I am not stiff, sore, and feelin' my age.  Thank God I was just too dang busy making money to work on any badly needed home repair projects).

I did call the Michigan State win over michigan.

Outside of that, my perdickshuns sucked.

On the upside, my Tigers won by 31, instead of the 24 I anticipated.  But, 'Bama only beat The Klan by 45, instead of the 117 I envisioned.  Okie State had trouble with Texas, but did win in Austin.  And OU was only able to squeeze out a 30 point win over The 'Hawks (another one that was closer than I was looking for).

But Texas T, Wake, and Flarda all let me down.  


Gotta get to work.  My "days off" were occupied with OT'in' graveyard, and what little football I could catch between working on my own biniss & naps.

Y'all have a great what's left of the weekend!

I love y'all!  I mean it.


  1. Andy, you did good! Had some great games, enjoyed seeing our homeboy Mo Claiborne run that interception back for 90 yards! Of course, people in North Louisiana have a soft spot for Derek Dooley, and I'm glad to see Lane Kiffen back out there where he belongs. Dooley will bring Tennessee back to glory, but it will take some time.
    I didn't mind seeing Okla State whup Texas. Texas has about ruined the Big 12, and that's a shame.

  2. Good call on Michigan State. The Spartans wanted the win, wish I could say the same for my Tennessee Vols!

  3. Boy did LSU put a whipping on UT; looks like the Vols are in for a long season. They might even lose to Vandy this year. Speaking of which, you just about nailed that Georgia - VU score. You said Georgia 35, VU 17. The actual final was Georgia 33 VU 28 with Vandy having two shots to win in the last 11 seconds. Que sera. I now have even greater respect for your NCAA Crystal Ball.

  4. I'm here to tell ya, your Tiggers are the real deal this year.

  5. I stand in agreement with all y'all.

    Yeah, Moogie. I am ALWAYS reluctant to get my hopes up. I was really only expecting another 9-3 season. And in truth, it COULD turn out that way...well, maybe 10-2.

    Regardless, I'm a happy fan at this purnt.


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