Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Quarterback (The "Andy wuz rawng!" edition)


Since it is physically impossible for me to do Sunday Morning Quarterback©, I decided to do this as we go along on Saturday.

Okay, so I was so WAY rawng behind the OU v. Texas game.  But, it's not my fault.  Much.

I just did not know how extremely BAD the 'Horns are.  And, to the credit of the Sooners, they are capitalizing on the suck of Texas (which I failed to take in to consideration when I made my prognostication). 

I actually quit watching and started changing the rear brakes on my Mercury Sable.

Failure.  It's a long story that I don't want to relive. 

Life is just one damn thing after the next...

At this point with half the third quarter left to play, OU is up 48 to 10.

Dang! Texas is for the suck!

I knew that, but somehow thought The Sooners would stumble.


I sure hope I ain't as wrong about the LSU v. Flarda game.

45 minutes to kickoff.  

We shall c.


  1. >>>and started changing the rear brakes on my Mercury Sable.

    You don't have to fix EVERYTHING all in one weekend!

  2. I, of course, do not watch TU or OU for obvious reasons - both are obnoxious. Well, I used to think UT had the lead in most obnoxious fans, but now that I live in OK, I think OU may be winning in that category too.

  3. I almost always root for whomever is playing Texas, but it wasn't necessary today.

    You'll be wrawnger about Hogs v striped Pussycats/Carrion-eating Birds of Prey/Little House on the Prairie dwellers. Trust me.

  4. Drum brakes I presume?

    Did have a friend show me a few tricks to doing drum brakes (my Bonneville has them too on the rears). Also helping was a detailed diagram of the brakes printed off the internet that stayed in front of me the whole time. And a lot of patience.

  5. Lou, "obnoxious" to me is fans that think their team is good when they really suck. We've about got Ole Miss broke of that. And now, they're gonna throw y'all in on us.


    Moogie, I truly hope I'm rawnger. But, well...we shall c. they're discs. Sigh.
    My 7" screw down clamp thingy warped mid-clamp. Didn't feel like going to The Lowes to get a new one.

    It will wait 'til tomorrow.

  6. I guess I'm not an obnoxious fan - I know my favorite teams are lousy.

  7. I'm only semi-obnoxious, and that's coz I'm an ND fan. You either love or hate the Irish, there's no middle ground, zero ambivalence. The hate extends to the fans, I've noticed. Ergo, semi-obnoxious.

    I WILL say that I kinda agree with Lou about OU fans, though. I base this on 2.5 years of personal experience... livin' in OKC and dealin' with a gaggle of Sooner Schooner riders in my office EVERY damned Friday during the Fall. It got so bad the colonel who ran the office once shouted out "NO more gotdamned football! GOT IT?" (He was an Aggie, but he was also in charge.)

  8. I'm optimistic about Vanderbilt, not obnoxious. At least at the beginning of the season. But I usually get pessimistic real quick. If they ever did win 5 games in the SEC I would be so obnoxious you would ban me from Andy's place. But I don't think that's gonna happen for the rest of this century.


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