Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where we at, and what we got??? (Week #6)


Well, we are finally AT a stopping place!

To quote Mark Twain, "Life is just one damn thing after the next."

It all started on Wednesday night.  #4 son was taking a bath, and when he went to shut the hot water off, it just kept running.  Now, this is nothing new.  The faucet in the hall bathroom is notorious for wearing out washers and much so that I keep a supply on hand.  So, after he got finished I went in there to change the hot water side seat, and replaced the washer (they did not look bad at I'm figuring I've got trouble).  

As I start to screw the valve back in, it goes in about two turns and then seizes up.  A twist with a wrench...and it falls back out.  This continues for about 7's late...the water to the house stays shut off for the night.  Next afternoon, I discover that the faucet (1948 model) is corroded through where the seat screws in, and even if I could get a valve back in there, hot water will continue to run.  

So, I'm screwed.

After calling my good buddy Two Dogs (yeah, I know he doesn't post anymore, but it's still polite to link), it is determined that I should try to replace the faucet from the back.  The entire tub/shower is tiled...and the tile extends on around the backside of the tub into an alcove with a dressing mirror & cabinet.

I really did not want to rip the cabinet out, but with luck, I could avoid that.

So, early Friday am, I begin to tear in to it.  I figured I'd better start up there behind the shower outlet, seeing as I vaguely remembered having some problem with it in the past...this would be a good time to take a look.  (Turns out that it was just fine).  But, I started by cutting out a piece of sheet rock.  And, what do I find behind the sheet rock?

Wood.  Yep.  Wood.

I reckon The Mrs. can hang a picture over it.

Sometimes I would like to strangle the guy that built this house, but he's probably already dead, and it wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

A hole saw, and jigsaw take care of the wood, and I discover I'm good at the shower outlet.  Now, comes the busting out of the tile behind the faucet.

Fortunately, this is gonna give me access to get the old faucet out without ripping out my cabinet (it has a nice tiled counter that I am WAY glad I didn't have to rip out.  So, we're doing good.  I figure I can just duct tape a piece of cardboard over that, and color it yellow!  This is gonna be WAY easy.

I remove the old faucet, and head to Lowe's.  There's where the problem starts.  It seems that in 1948, some tub/shower faucet deals were 11 1/2" wide (like mine), and EVERYTHING available now is 8".  Yep!  EVERYTHING!  I ended up going to three hardware stores, two plumbing supply places, and the liquor store.

My only option is to buy an 8" fixture.  My problem is that the holes are already set in the tile for my wider faucet.  Only one option...

Yep!  Had to tear out a section of tile on the front side.


I had torn out the master bathroom tile several years ago (just the shower...not all of it).  So, I knew what it was.  This stuff is about 7 feet thick concrete reinforced with wire.  I was as careful as I could be, but as you smash out one tile, the concrete gives, and the tile next to it starts to crack.  

All in all, I felt pretty good about only destroying 18 tiles.  It coulda' been worse.

Anyway, by about 1900 HRS on Friday, we were to this point.

And, that is where we shall stay for a while.  Water back on to the house...faucet installed, though not really all that enormous mess cleaned up...a re-tiling job in the future (probably distant future)...and THE GAAAMZZZ....

What we got?

There are only 3 games that interest me today.

Well, early we got the OU v. Texas annual clash in Dallas.  This is being built up as a game with National Championship implications, but I really don't see it that way.  

It is becoming more and more evident to me that the winner of the SEC West will be the BSCS National Champ.  It will be either Corch St. Nick's Crimson Tide, or my beloved LSU Tigers.  Regardless, Texas can certainly put a hickie on OU if they come up big.  And, I look for the 'Horns to come up big.

OU is likely to stumble early on in this game.  I look for them to fall behind, and stay behind most of the game.  Yes, I do believe they will win, but it will not be impressive.  I'm thinking OU 27 - Texas 26.

Mid-afternoon, we gots my beloved Tigers hosting the miserable 'Gators of Flarda.  I don't know if their starting QB will be available to play or not.  I have not kept up, because it does not matter.  This will be a blow-out in favor of my Tigers.  As likely as we are to really play poorly in the daylight at Tiger Stadium, I am marking this one as a "W" right now.  LSU 40 - Flarda 14.

Then tonight, the Hawgz take on Auburn in Fayetteville.  This should be a VERY entertaining game between two very good football teams.  Look for lots of scoring...poor defense...and a disappointed home crowd.

Auburn 38 - Hawgz 36

Well, that's it!

It's time for another Advil, and to get my football watchin' gear together.

Y'all enjoy the games!


  1. Heh! I calls 'em like I sees 'em...

  2. No mention of my 0-4 Beavs against the 1-4 Arizona Wildcats?? Who among us would dare miss that? It'll be like two clumsy fat kids havin' a slap fight!

  3. this point, maybe I duz.

    Inno, I can't imagine how I left that one off my roster! There is nothing more entertaining than watching two clumsy fat kids have a slap fight.

    But, it's too late now to edit. The games be on...

  4. Wow... you had quite the Friday. But I see you kept your head about you and went by the likker store. That prolly helped a lot.

  5. Buck, that was one stop I had NOT planned on making.

    Good thing is, I only cussed twice all Friday.

  6. I ended up going to three hardware stores, two plumbing supply places, and the liquor store. From the sound of your day, you needed it.

  7. Been there; done that. And it does suck. I'm just amazed that you made it through it like you did. You deserve a prize.

  8. Your wife must be a very understanding lady :)

  9. Think I would've found my inner Sam Kinison trying to fix that faucet.(aaauuugggghhhhAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!)

  10. Deb, I'm not sure it was a good idea at all. But, it wasn't a terrible one...

    Stopsign, you have NO idea...

    Dave, I was a really, really, really good boy. In fact, I found myself laughing instead of cussing! I mean...I've come to expect things to turn sideways on me, so I'm not SUCH a P.I.T.A. as I once was.


  11. Apparently Blogger ate my comment. And it was a really good one, too. Such a shame.

  12. Moogie, I got the comment via e-mail. It was a good one, for sure.

    I was so WAY RAWNG on your Hawgz. I guess I just didn't realize how pitiful Auburn's O is. I mean...Jeepers! Good grief, they shoulda' got them a Junior High QB or something...

    Regardless, y'all played VERY well. As to the Thanksgiving showdown. Well...y'all seem to have our number. But, we're a different team this season. I mean, a WAY different team. Last season I expected a 9-3 record. Actually coming in to this season I expected maybe a 10-2. But, these guys are GOOD.

    Somebody left a snarky comment about how our offense didn't look all that great. Nyuk...

    453 yards offense is plenty good with a D like ours. The Hawgz have faced one good defense. And, we know how that ended.


    I am not nearly as worried about y'all's power over us this season.

    Just sayin'...

  13. Hey there - just stopping by as it's been a while. Sorry 'bout the tub thing. Cripes. I tell my wife all the time "nope... not gonna try (fill in household job) here today." if there's only a couple of hours to devote to it. So many things that sound quick and easy have a way of falling apart in a big way.

    My rule is I take the amount of time I think the job should take, double that, and add 10%. Comes out about right more often than not, factoring in the almost mandatory trip to the hardware store.

    My house was built in 1908. The builder was ok, but a whole hella lot of folks have had time to put their own "unique stamp" on things. It gets interesting.

    And re: your son's deployment, my prayers for you and yours. Let's hope lost baggage stays right up there in the bad news column.


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