Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Quarterback - Week 8


Cheer up, Sooners!  You've still got a chance to prove that you're the best college team.

In Oklahoma.

(I'm doing this on my break, so y'all will have to read fast).
Wow!  Was I ever wrong when I said that yesterday shaped up to be the most boring day in College Football this season.

I mean...double wrong.

The only "upset" (if you can call it that) I expected was Michigan State over Wisconsin.  Lookit...I know these things.

What I did not know was just how poorly The Sooners are capable of playing.  They got beat on by Tuberville Tech.  But take heart, Okies!  It IS possible to back in to the BSCS National Champeenship with a couple of losses.  I know...

One game I had my eye on (and hopes up for) was the Boise v. Air Force contest.  I was pretty sure that Boise would win, but with fingers crossed watched the scoreboard.  The fact is that Air Force matched Boise step for step in the stats, and dominated time of possession.  Boise is just flat-out over-rated, and can whine all they want.  Any top-level team should have mopped up the turf with a 3-3 team like that.  Heck, San Diego State beat 'em worse than Boise.

As boring a BSCS Champeenship game as it would be...I would love for my Tigers, or 'Bama, or even Okie State to get a crack at those complaining wannabes.

Speaking of 'Bama...After a slow start, Corch St. Nick's Tide really laid the wood to Tennessee.  I mean, 437 to 155 in total yardage. 


Poor Corch Dooley!  He is a great guy, and a good corch.  But, it is just so dang hard to build (or rebuild) a program in the SEC.  When you've got the two best teams in the nation, and three or four of the best programs in the nation to recruit against...well...Derek, ya' shoulda' stayed at Tech!

Just sayin'...

So, since my beloved Tigers thrashed the other tigers from Alabama, it looks like what I've expected will surely come to pass.  The National Championship game will be held on Nov. 5 in Tuscaloosa.  Without a doubt, the two best college teams on the planet will lace 'em up, and exhibit what's what, and what's not.

The only way they could possibly meet again is for either them, or us to back in to the BSCS Champeenship with a single loss against the other.

And honestly, I'm not counting that out.

We must note that The Hawgz of Arkansas really stunk up Vaught-Hemingway, and damn near got beat by the Klan.  Seriously.  Almost got beat by the worst team in the history of the SEC, and one of the worst to ever take the field in any division, or conference.  I hope y'all come to Baton Rouge just as prepared as y'all were for that feeble bunch...

Which brings us to something that we MUST talk about, whether we want to or not, because many dozens of folks may be interested.  In case y'all didn't know it, Notre Dame is still playing the University of Southern California every season.  Yes, in bygone days it was a big hairy deal.  Sure enough, there were often national title implications, or Heisman hopes riding on the outcome of the game.  Of course, that was eons ago, and it has now become apparent that ND will never be a national power again.  But, they still play that game annually.

Well, in case you missed it, they played yesterday.  USC just murdered the Irish!  I mean...murdered 'em.  The Irish were just as pathetic at home as we all expected.  I mean...when you play a team that recently received The Death Penalty...from a minor home...and get the snot beat out of you (check the time of possession), well you just really suck.  Really.  Really.  Suck.

Well, my break is over, and I gotta get back to work.  I hope y'all's team did some winnin' yesterday!  But, if they didn't, they probably stink, and won't win next week, neither!

Y'all have a fabulous week!  I love y'all!  

Hey, I've got a really serious question to ask y'all on Monday probably.  I mean, no clowning around.  Imma need some advice, and input from folks that care about me and mine.  I'll try to post it up Monday.


  1. LSU is dang good even when all the stoners are benched. That's kinda impressive.

  2. I must say ... you are WRONG again ... sigh.....Dooley is doing a fine job! Just ask his mother! She will put you in your place in a heartbeat. If I were to send her this blog she would be at your doorstep before sundown. Dooley is doing the best he can with the hand he was dealt. But you keep an eye on this young man as he will make a name for himself at UT. He left LA Tech cuz he was bored...he needed a challenge and that is exactly what he got! Ya know I am a Georgia girl and was raised on Dooley and Football so I am kinda like kin - I stick up for him and can use my Southern Drawl just like momma did! I know you like Derek and you know what he is capable of so just hide and watch.. in a couple of years he will be takin' your Tigers DOWN... especially if they keep failing their drug tests.....just sayin'

  3. Heh! HEH! HEH!!!! Jill, why don't you tell us what you really think?

    Imma do a special Vol post next weekend (featuring Mrs. Dooley), while my beloved Tigers take the week off to get stoned...

  4. Of the three college teams I like to follow:
    Tn: Looked pitiful!
    Michigan State: The luck ran out.
    LSU: Romped 'um.
    Hey, one out of three ain't bad!

  5. Lookin' forward to it Andyman! I might have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.....or it could be my mother has been here for over a week....well, we will leave it at that! :)

  6. Um, Buck, I think Andy is picking on us.

    How-some-ever, you got a point, Andy. My Hogs apparently didn't even get off the bus until halftime and sent in the guys from Fayetteville Junior High to keep the bench warm instead. I don't see that happening again, though. We were coming off a bye week, during which none of our stars (or even benchwarmers) were busted for getting artificially stoned, but we apparently suffered from severe cobwebs in the defense command room. I'm sending them, a can of bug spray to be used liberally before the next game against the Commodores.

    Your Tiggers looked wicked.

  7. OSU - win
    A&M - win
    TT - win

    I'm happy.

  8. Um Scooney, my's two out of three. Michigan State nipped Wisconsin. Guess they had all the luck that The Irish did not.

    Moogie, I'm not picking on anybody. Just the facts, ma'am...just the facts. If y'all don't show up better next week, Vandy will beat y'all. They are weak sisters, but they do not compare with the suckage of The Klan.

    Lou, I'm iz happy for you. Every fan needs one week every season to really celebrate.

  9. Agreed - you have a point about the Razorbacks so far. However, please tell me that you know better than to underestimate the Arkansas Razorbacks in November. Need I remind you about 2007?

  10. I haven't watched much football this year, but I DID watch AF-Boise St, MSU-Wisc, and OU-TT. My two out o' three ain't bad, and I had hopes that AF would pull it out coz it WAS close.

    No, I didn't watch the Irish. The Wings were playin' at the same time, so I watched them instead. Either way, I lost.

    You WILL live to regret your mocking, Andy. What goes around comes around, yanno?

  11. DeAnna, it is REALLY good to hear from you, kiddo! I thought you'd forgotten about me. Now I'm happy.

    No ma'am, I have NOT forgotten about any of the Hawg wins over LSU. In fact, y'all have had our number even when you were out-manned. I'm just hoping that we REALLY ARE as good as we've shown so far. As I wrote to one of your fellow Hawg fans...I will not be embarrassed if we lose to Arkansas. Ole Miss, yeah...Arkansas, nope.

    Buck, it was a good day for you. And be it known henceforth and forever, I NEVER regret my mocking. Sometime in the future, LSU will suck. It is inevitable. And, we will recover as we have in the past.

    But, it's nice to know that Notre Dame does now, and always will.

  12. I think that LSU has the best team in the country this year but they are looking more and more like the Miami teams of the past.


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