Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dun did my civic responsibililty!


Yep!  It's election day in Louisiana.  And I EVER feel retarded!

I went off up in the booth fully prepared to cast my ballot for my State Representative.  I had decided on one fellow I really wanted to win.  Turns out he ain't even running in my district.

Evidently, they changed things up while I wasn't lookin'.


So, I had the choice between two Democrats.  I voted for the one I had never heard of.

I also voted for another Democrat.  I swear, this is the first time I can remember voting for a Democrat, and I do it twice in one election.  

I was NOT going to vote for Bobby Jindal again, even though he will win easily.  So, I voted for Androniki "Niki Bird" Papazoglakis.  I believe she would make a damn fine governor.   I think she's Greek.  What more could one ask for in a govenor?

Anyway...if you're in Louisiana, remember to go vote.  Lots of fine men and women paid a heavy price so we can.


  1. what a bummer! I just got moved into that district that you thought you were in and now I'm in but I didn't used to be and now you're not. Redistricting! I would rather have stuck with Henry.

  2. So, do you think the Greek chick could make a good sammich and only talk during the commercials on Sattidy? Those are the issues that are important to me.

  3. Paul, anyone would talk less than our current governor. That boy can talk more and faster about nothing than anyone I ever saw. He is very smart and has a canned speech for any eventuality.
    But I hear he can't make a sandwich.

  4. What a nightmare, having to choose between two Dems. Don't know what I would do in that situation.

  5. Jim...redistricting. The sneaky bastids!

    Paul...sigh. Thank you very much for the lesson from the Two Dogs School of Wimmen Pickin'. Jimbo, Bobby needs to eat a samich.

    Kartman, I was torn, and started not to vote at all. The guy I voted against is a long-time pol. The other guy could NOT be worse.

  6. You voted for a Democrat? Stand by for heavy rolls...

  7. Yeah, but Bobby can deliver a baby at home! And, I hear Supriya makes a pretty mean sammich.

    I had a lot of fun punching AGAINST!!! on all the Constitutional Amendments, even though one or two of them might not have done too much damage. There's enough in that Constitution already to suffice for 3 or 4 third-world nations.

    I refused to casr a vote in a couple of our judicial races because I firmly believe that none of the andidates was qualified -- or had adequate judicial temperament -- to assume the bench.

    Maybe now all the ANNOYING AS HELL robo calls will stop!!!! In the future, I may adopt the practice of refusing to vote for anyopne whose campaign uses robo calls. Let's make that the next big political movement! Maybe we canthrow that into the Occupy movement -- "Do Not Occupy My Telephone Line!" I think I smell a blog post there.

  8. Moogie, the calls are so irritating. At least you can say "When Bobby Jindal called me last night . . . "

  9. "When Bobby Jindal called me last night I was enjoying a sammich . . ."


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