Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just in time for Christmas gift giving! (#3)


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Have I got an idea for you!?!?!?!?

Yep, indeed I do!  And, it's not something retarded like a butt-wiping extension wand, or a stupid canine DNA swab test deal.  Nope!  This is something y'all can give with pride!

It has always been a problem keeping up with the remote control in our living room.  There's a couple of reasons.  One reason is that the TV up there only gets watched during College Football Season.  I don't watch much TV outside of that, and The Mrs. has her nest kinda' built back in our dark mauve bedroom.  So, she rarely ever looks at the TV in the living room.

Every once in a while the boys will come visit, and they'll look at a show, or a film on DVD up there (which is usually when the remote control disappears into the couch, or my recliner cushion, or somewhere else).  But, the boys were not at fault this time.

Nope, 11 month old Tucker was the culprit this time.  On his daily rounds of pilfering the entirety of Andy's Place, it seems that he got hold of the living room TV remote on Thursday.  So far, I have found one half of it, and one of the two batteries.  I certainly hope he didn't eat the other one...probably didn't, or we'd have known by now.

Anyway, I came in to the market for a new multi-function remote control.  Now, I had had my eye on one for a good little while.  But, I didn't just want to make an impulse purchase without a real need.  But, said "need" had arisen, so I went and got me just what I've been wanting.

I think it would make a great Christmas gift for somebody on your list, too!

 It is a chink made "JUMBO UNIVERSAL REMOTE!"  I have no idea what brand it is, but it's made in China, so it must be good.  And, it controls up to 5 devices, too!

Now, when it says, "JUMBO," they ain't lying!  Just for perspective...

Dang, it's big, huh?

I was so excited to finally get me one of these.  There is NO WAY the boys are gonna be able to lose this sucker, and I can even use it without having to go find my reading glasses!

And, can you believe that this sucker runs on just two AA batteries?  Really!  I mean, that's just 3 volts like the little bitty one we only found half of.  That has got to be an EnergyStar saver deal, or something.

I'm doing my part.  

Man, I like this thing.  It has an automatic "Code Search," too, so you don't have to look at that tiny little print on the instructions trying to find out the numeric code to make it work with your particular equipment.  

I have a Sanyo (code 139).  Not sure what kind of DVD player I have, but it don't matter.  "Code Search" will handle it.  Those chinks are good.

Anyway, I've got a couple of old geezers like myself on my list that I'm gonna get one of these for this Christmas.  And, if you want one, you can get one too.

I bought it at Fred's Super Dollar.  They probably have 'em at a Fred's near you, too.  And, don't worry about the money.  I paid exactly TEN DOLLARS!  Really!  Just 10 bucks for the ultimate problem-solving universal remote.

Go get yourself one, and one for EVERYBODY over 50 on your list.  They'll love you for it.

(I know it ain't good to brag on your personal possessions and all, but every once in a while I make a purchase that I just must show off to y'all.)


  1. Good Lord man, don't put that thang on the coffee table, it'll go right through it!

  2. Added to my list!

    My son put mine in the frig. when he was younger.Bad part is we are in the frig. every day and still didn't notice it there for 2 days.

  3. Used to have one of those at a place I was renting. Now I miss it.

  4. It's a remote and a free weight all rolled into one! Don't strain yourself.

  5. What Moogie said. You'll have World-Class triceps, biceps, and abs (assuming you do crunches with it, too) in NO time.

  6. Deb, I crawled under the house, and put some jacks under the living room floor just in case.

    Stopsign, you will be forevermore pleased. The thing is so damn big that it won't likely fit in your refrigerator. (I'm gonna go see if it will right now)

    Dave...no reason to miss it. Spend some of that raise and get you one! They gots a Freds near you! Go ahead on, and splurge.

    Moogie & Buck, I am already Charles Atlas-like, seeing as I've been on a workout regimen of bending my elbow.

    Truth is, this thing is WAY lighter than it looks. I don't know the actual shipping weight, but I was able to put it in a flimsy plastic bag (Freds is a bunch of environmental destroyers. Obviously.), and drag it all the way to the car without tearing a muscle.

    I just love this thing. I really do. Heck, I don't even want to look at TV, but I might go up there in the living room and just surf channels for the heck of it.

    It is cool. Getcha one!

  7. There have been times when I've flopped on the couch and landed on an uncomfortable lump that turned out to be the remote 'tween the cushions. If that happened to me with your remote, I'd need surgery.

  8. It's enormous.
    I bet it would open the neighbor's garage door too.
    I love it. I want one:)

  9. Nancy, I actually thought about that! Really, I did.

    But, I live in the 'hood, and nobody has a garage door opener...except for me. Seriously. I've got a double garage with door openers. They both quit working about a decade ago, so I just unplugged them...been meaning to replace them, but never got around to it.

    Nancy, getcha' one! You will not be sorry.

    Inno, you will love one of these things. Trust me, you will. You will never flop down on the couch and be injured by it. I mean, unless you call in a team of behemoths to transport it from the coffee table to the couch, it'll stay right where you station it.

    I know. Tucker tried to screw with it this afternoon. It was sitting on the coffee table where it is now permanently stationed, and Tucker went for it. Boy, did he ever get a screw over! After he realized his 11 month old self couldn't move it, he whimpered for a second or two, and then shit his diaper.

    It was hilarious!

    I just love it when a child is humiliated like that.

  10. Does that thing start the washer & dryer too?

  11. They sell 'em at the Harbor Freight store! I think they're made in china as well. Almost bought one for all the remote control stuff a couple years ago. The Harbor Freight store has some of the coolest junk around. Doesn't last long, but it's fun while it does! It's cheap, too!

  12. My Mother could mess up the settings on a remote faster than anyone I ever met. I want a giant remote that has a button for the power, channel up and channel down and loud up and loud down. 5 buttons. That way I wouldn't have to go over and reset her remote and TV about twice a week. One time i was over and she couldn't get the remote to work. I told her that unless it inflated her boobies, she needed to turn it around and point the dang thing at the tV not herself.

  13. Nyuk! MUD, that is so dang funny! I know you really miss your Mom.

    Paul, we have a Harbor Freight store here, too. I swear, they sell the cheapest junk on the planet. My father-in-law got me a set of their drill bits for Christmas one year. Most of them broke while trying to pull them out of the case.

    Dave, it doesn't start the washer & dryer. But, I accidentally turned off the water heater while trying to switch to the Food Network (why I was switching to that, I just can't remember now).


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