Monday, November 21, 2011

"We Hate Arkansas Week" officially cancelled.


Hey y'all!  As y'all know, in the run up to LSU's annual showdown with the stinkin' Hawgz of stinkin' Arkansas, we take a little time each day to express just how much we despise the stinkin' Hawgz.

Not so this year.

Don't have the time.

Don't get me wrong.  I've got the time to hate stinkin' Arkansas.  I just don't have the time to tell y'all about it this year.

Big game on Friday.

A lot on the line.

We shall c.


  1. Wooooo Pig Soooooiiiieeeee!!! Geaux Tigers! I like 'em both! Gonna be a SUPER GAME....lookin' forward to it! P.S. The Vols Won - Yay for Coach Dooley - FINALLY! I know momma is proud. I hate it for Vanderbilt (seriously) cuz it was a killer game and the ref DID blow the whistle... I herd it! :)

  2. Good thing I'm a closet Dawgs fan.

  3. And The Natural State breathes a collective sigh of relief. It's gonna be a classic!

  4. Jill, I was proud for Corch Dooley, even though I didn't look in to it enough to know about the whistle blowing, or anything. I will look in to that before I do my big Vol me, Imma gettin' to it.

    Dave. Which Dawgz? The Big River Dawgz, or the Red Clay Dawgz? I'm assuming you be a Georgia fan. Y'all will get either us, or 'Bama.

    Hey, no need to be a "closet" fan. When you're a fan of any SEC team, you can always shout it loud and proud. Unless you're an Ole' Miss fan, and then you should just eat worms and die.

    Moogie, we use that word "classic" a lot. But, I am anticipating just that. Y'all are playing very well. I think almost getting humiliated by The Klan was a wake up call. I don't think y'all are as balanced, or powerful as 'Bama, so we will surely win. But, the game is likely to be even more exciting than our little excursion to Tuscaloosa.

    REALLY looking forward to it.

  5. Moogie, bless your heart. I just don't think this is the year for Arkansas to beat LSU. (They have had plenty, don't get me wrong). I just don't see our boys giving up anything this year.
    disclaimer: I am wrong about 75.98889% of the time.

  6. Blessings back atcha, Jim. I wouldn't turn your back on the Hogs, though!


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