Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Quarterback - Week 12 (We own it)


Shazaam!  We own it!

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We now OWN Sunday Morning Quarterback.  But, as you can see, result #5 (the friggin' New York Daily News) really screwed up my grand plan. I had this great idea to use this GoobleSearch result and make me a video.  I was gonna ax Congressperson Corrine Brown to do me a "chant," too!

ONE! Too three fo' fi'.  Den Andy pla' don' take no ji'!

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Okay, so it ain't Sunday Morning any more.

Unless you're in Hawaii.


Look, anybody that gives a rat's patootie about College Football already knows what happened yesterday. So, for me to waste your valuable time telling you things you already know would be pretty dang selfish on my part.

While it's never stopped me before, it will today.  All I need to say about yesterday is that I was wronger than two left shoes about most of the games.  Even though we often suck at prognostication here, we are ALWAYS the first to admit our wrongness.  This is one of those days.

While I did hint that I thought Oregon would have trouble with the rubbers, I did not really believe they would let a game slip off of them like that.  And, the OU/Baylor result...WOW!  I was able to catch the last half of the 4th quarter of that game, and I've gotta say that it was probably the most exciting 7 or 8 minutes of ball I've watched this season.  And, even though I did it on Basil's blog & not here, I stated with certainty that The Children of the Corn would stomp Big Blue.


And, in an egg on my face moment of the highest yolkiness, I MUST commend The Hawgz.  I honestly did not believe that they would destroy MS State like they did.  It was definitely their best performance of the season in my book.  However, I am certain that they shot their wad, and look forward to their little visit to Louisiana.  Let's see...when is that happening?  Hmmmm....Oh, it's Friday?  Really?

Ya' see...losses by teams like Oklahoma State (which I predicted), The Sooners (which I did not), Oregon, etc. happen for a reason.  They happen to reinforce a constant.  

National Championships are won by teams with 1) Defense  2)  A running game.  It's just a fact.  None of those teams are championship worthy because they don't have both of those aspects of the (championship) game nailed down.  You can score 40 points, and still get beat.  And, if you can't run, it becomes almost impossible to pass (if you're playing anybody that is worth warm spit).  Happens all the time.

Nyuk!  I looked at the box score on my LSU Tigers game against the Klan (a snoozer, as I predicted, btw).  LSU threw exactly 8 passes. 

8. (We were 8 of 8, btw).

Scored 52 points (and started kneel-downs on the Klan's 1, it coulda been a lot worse).

Now, I'm not holding that out as a prime example, because it seemed we were playing Oxford Junior High, or something.  I mean, OLE MISS REALLY IS THAT BAD.  REALLY.  But, all of our wins, & Bama's wins (even their one loss) featured excellent smash-mouth defense, and powerful running.

It is how you win championships.

So, what are we left with?  2 teams with stellar defenses, and powerful running games.  And, we've got a third in the SEC West that is nearly there.

The ship has been righted.  The best two teams in the nation will be back on top this week in the BCS Standings.  And, The Hawgz should be close behind 'Bama at #3. 

We own it.

The world is as it should be.

I'm happy now.

ONE! Too three fo' fi'.  Den Andy pla' don' take no ji'!


  1. Yolkiness becomes you, and SEC West rules! (Altho I doubt Buck will agree.)

    I don't think the Hogs shot their wad yesterday, they may just be peaking at the right time, but they will have some emotional baggage to deal with -- one of our freshmen tight ends (who was also recruited by LSU) was found dead in his dorm room today. Only 19 years old -- cause of death hasn't been revealed, but he sounds like a pretty squeaky clean kid. So sad. His poor family.

    So, we shall see.

  2. Dang Moogie! That is so sad. Hadn't heard anything about it. I just hate to see young people pass on.

    I see it a lot.

    Crud. Crud...

  3. Prayers to the Lil Razorhawg's family. Everything I have read said that he was a clean boy, too.

    Now, on to Le Smiles collapse at the end of the Klan game. Boy, when you are playing walk-ons and the other team still cannot stop you, you let the walk-ons start calling plays and having a good time. Keep the scoring pedal nailed to the floor, go for two, and onsides kick. Dear Happy the Clown, let your boys have fun.

    Besides, think about how bad it sucks to be an African American Bear and know beyond any doubt that you could not stop eleven Rudys from getting into the end zone.

  4. That's really sad about the young Razorback. My condolences.

  5. TD, "eleven Rudys"

    That one is permanently stolen for future use at least 14 times before I croak.

    Normally I would it up on your Grandma is my philosophy. But, I really think Les wanted to truly humiliate Nutt, and his hapless gomers. There is NOT a better way that I can think of than to go to kneel down with 5 minutes left. I mean, beating The Klan 52-3 is no different on the humiliation scale than beating them 66-3.

    But, looking them in the eye on their own goal line and saying, "We want y'all to brag to your folks, and girlfriends that you stopped us on 4 straight from the One!"

    That's a bigger loogie in the face than walking in.

  6. Dude, I would have run it up to 600.

  7. Defense and the run: just what the Denver Broncos are doing now with Timmy Tebow. I know, I know: it's the NFL, not college. Seems to be working, though; and, believe it or not, the team CEO is a guy named John Elway, and he ain't too thrilled about it. He don't dare change nothin, though, cuz the Broncos fans will run him out of town if he tries any more crap, like trading away our best wide receiver, Brandon Lloyd, on the day before Tebow's first start. Now that is passive aggressive hostility if I ever saw it!


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