Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Local blogger peels back the Jindal facade on "American Thinker."


Many of my blog buddies around the nation have questioned me as to why I am less than thrilled with my goober, Bobby Jindal.

Jindal has been touted by Limbaugh, Hannity, and a gaggle of conservative pundits & publications as one of the true, rock-ribbed conservatives coming along to lead the Republican Party to conservative greatness.  Nationally, you will hear (and read) nothing but high praise for our great "reform governor," Bobby Jindal.

It's really mostly a sham.

Today, the American Thinker blog features northwest Louisiana blogger Pat Austin, as she takes apart a good little chunk of the myth.  There is more, really.  Much more.  But, Pat throws enough "fact" at the fudging to hopefully open some national eyes.  And prayerfully, to get Bobby to straighten up and do what we hired him to do in the first place...to go beat the snot out of the folks in Baton Rouge that have kept us at the bottom forever, and not play their silly, destructive games.

Congratulations, Pat.  And, excellent work!

BTW, Pat's blog is parked here.


  1. I always find it interesting that people always want Government to produce results way above what it costs. There are a few things that can raise the results in the the future years like education, but for the most part being 38th in spending with Kansas 38th in population and income is about where I expect us to be. Yep, Louisianna throws a mean party andI love a good muffaletta but I don't expect there to be a bridge across every swamp.

  2. MUD, I'm in agreement with you. I do not expect government to do everything with little money. And, I certainly don't expect a bridge over every swamp in Louisiana.

    What I would like, though, is not to be told that something is happening when it's not. I would like a little level reasoning on what is, and what is not taking place. Grandiose claims of "success" wear pretty thin on me when I see things stay the same...and in some areas get worse.

    When you live in a State with one of the most expensive State budgets per capita in the nation, and continue to come up last, or next to last in everything that matters...well...it gets old.

    Real reform is taking place in places like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida. We've got smoke and mirrors.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the truth. Just don't piss on my head, and tell me it's raining.

  3. Thanks Andy! Thanks Jim! The comments at AT have been favorable; maybe people will see the truth and like Andy, I wish Bobby would be the Bobby who campaigned in 2007. That's the guy I voted for.

  4. Pat, you are more than welcome, ma'am!

    The comments over there at AT are pretty interesting, too. I had forgotten about raising the budget cap...after Campaign Bobby had criticized the heck out of it before.

    Seriously (and I've written this to you before), I would LOVE to love Bobby. Seriously, I would. There is so much potential/intellect/likeability about the guy. Heck, I campaigned for him twice, sent him hard-earned American dollars, sobbed when he lost to Katie BlankCheck...and rejoiced when he was sworn in.

    Very disappointing. Really...all I wanted was for goober Bobby to do his dead-level best to follow through on his "Campaign Bobby" stands. Heck...I mean, WIN/LOSE/DRAW, I'd have been satisfied.



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