Friday, November 4, 2011

"Why Andy, you have been uncharacteristically silent on the National Championship game tomorrow between LSU and Alabama!"


Indeed I have.  And, thanks for bringing it up!

Truth is, I've had so much on my mind, and on my plate, that I haven't much cared to blog about what might turn out to be the best College Football Game of this century (to this point).

I'm like, "'s just a football game...somebody's gonna win...somebody's gonna lose...and others can load up the hype cannon better."'s just a football game.

Which, LSU will win.

But, to take a stab at it:  

In recent memory (at least in MY memory) there has not been a matchup between two better college football TEAMS (TEAMS being the operative consonants and vowels).  

Seriously, from top to bottom...offense...defense...special teams...speed...toughness...on-field discipline, etc., I can't remember two teams facing each other that had it more "together."

It should be a gem.

Trying to put my passion for LSU aside, and look at this game objectively, I find that it IS possible.  I have misunderstimated my beloved Tigers every game this season.  I'd predict a 20 point win, and it would be 40.  I'd predict a tough 7 pointer that turned out to be 30.

We're just good.

And, so are they.

Alabama Corch, St. Nick Saban, will go down in history as a builder of programs, and a builder of men.  I've always been a Saban fan...even when he left LSU for a cup of coffee with the Dolphins, and resurfaced to rebuild the once great Tide program...which he has certainly done (and, in spades).

Now, many LSU fans have resorted to Saban-bashing...trash-talking, etc.  Here at Andy's Place we do not stoop to such things.

As you can see, Corch St. Nick has a deep affection for his players and that affection is returned.

He's a builder of men.

As to the 'Bama fans...nyuk...

I guess my opinion of the intellect, and mindset of 'Bama fans could be summed up in the words of Lewis Grizzard's (may God rest his soul) "...that dog would bite you" routine.  (If you're not familiar with the routine, you can YouTube it, or GoobleSearch's worth the trouble).

Short of it is that we're going in to 'Bama's home stadium with the best LSU team in history.  We're facing probably the best 'Bama team in history (and that's saying something) in their house...which is likely to be the most hostile environment that any of our squad has EVER faced.  

It will be a spiritual, mental, physical, and corching battle.

And, we'll win.  I was gonna say by 4...but since I've misunderstimated my Tigers all season, I'll say by 16.  Probably LSU 30 - 'Bama 14.  The big spread in points will have nothing to do with us playing that much better than them.  There will be a mental breakdown or two by 'Bama that gives us some gimmes.  

'Bama will walk away thinking that they shoulda/coulda/oughta won.  

And, my beloved Tigers will walk away knowing that they did.

That's all.

Y'all enjoy the games!  We're going to the Louisiana State Fair tomorrow morning (because my employer sends us for free), but we'll be back home in time to witness it all. 

"Hype" often doesn't match reality.  I don't expect it to go down that way tomorrow.  

Be there, or be square.


  1. I gotta disagree. While everything you wrote is correct, except for the winner, you ignored two individual players that I am going to watch. The difference is Upshaw and Richardson. Your QB is not going to be able to count on the receivers to pull down those miscues that he throws so many times a game.

    Put me down in the Bammeroid camp and I'll take your score the other way. I have one million dollars on it.

  2. TD, BET! And, I'll raise you a million.

    Where you're wrong is that our QBs will not be throwing enough to screw up. I doubt that we will throw over 12 passes. And, they all will be safe routes.

    Two Million it is then?

  3. I'm in. Mark this date, "Roll Tide." You'll never hear that from me again.

  4. Nyuk! Imma get The Mrs. to hold the money.

  5. I did a quick gut check after counting the money, BUT...I'll take my 22nd ranked offense and 1st ranked defense 180.5 YPG at Bammer over your 81st ranked offense and 3rd ranked defense 251.4 YPG at Geaux Tigers.

  6. They are both great teams, but Andy is right. Paul, bless your heart, I know you mean well (probably not), but LSU has the stuff this year. Everyone is healthy and/or out on bond, so look out!

  7. I have a twenty dollar bet with my son. Since I am not a big LSU fan or AL. fan no big deal to me who wins. I do need the twenty though. I have AL and he has LSU who I think looks a lot like the Miami teams of the past. I think LSU has the better team but Saban is a better coach.

  8. There you go wearing your U of WA Husky gold and purple again!

  9. Saban is a great coach, Kartman, but he doesn't eat grass and he ain't as crazy as Les. Sometimes crazy carries the day - they don't call him the mad hatter for nothing!

  10. I'm looking forward to a great game. Them Tigers got teeth!!!!

  11. I too am looking forward to a great game.

  12. Kartman, The Sabear (as Paul Mitchell named him) is a great coach. But, Jim is right. In games like this, ya' gotta have a little crazy going on...which Lester definitely does.

    Paul, an 81st ranked offense is enough when you score like we do. Only against MS State did we score less than 35 points. 5 times we've scored 40 or more. When you are as balanced a team as LSU, it doesn't take a blistering offense.

    To this point, 'Bama has been impressive...but, they've had an easier schedule than we have. Not a lot easier, but enough so that their defense might seem to be more impressive.

    Truth is, they haven't played US, and we haven't played them. We're gonna know tonight.

  13. Football game? As in "There's a...?"

    I MIGHT catch the fourth quarter of this Redneck Extravaganza as The Wings play an hour before. Priorities.

  14. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!?!?!?!?!?!? Gonna be a GOOD game! Getting all my chores done so I can settle in for the game tonight! Geaux Tigers....Roll Tide -- got friends on both but I think Tigers are gonna take it!

  15. I'm with you on this one, Andy. Alabama is good, but LSU is better. BTW, my old alma tamater MTSU plays the University of TN today. I'm hopin' the the Blue Raiders knock the Vols into an orange nightmare.

  16. Hey Dan, Dr. Jill is an enormous Vol fan. Man...if y'all do beat 'em, it's gonna be just miserable awful for Corch Dooley.

    Buck, Heh!

    Truth is, there's not many rednecks on either squad. Or...coaching staff.

    But, the 100+ thousands in Tuscaloosa should provide plenty enough of it!

  17. Um, y'all are aware that The Razorbacks are playing at roughly the same time. So I'm sure you'll change your viewing plans now, right?

    Seriously, I've gotta go with the Tiggers, but I don't have enough in the cookie jar to cover TD and Andy, so count me out of the pool.

    Bama beat us, and we'll play over our heads to best LSU, then we'll have a royal mess.

    Go Hogs!

  18. Moogie, I am well aware that y'all have the Head Ball Corch on the plate tonight.

    Fortunately, I have one of them fancy remote controls with a "recall" button on it. I shall be flipping back and forth.

    As much as I do not hate Corch St. Nick, I have an unhealthy hatred of Spurrier (and the entire Eastern Division, btw).

    As you also know, I growed up a Hawg fan back when y'all played in the dramatically inferior SWC. So, I'm gonna be looking in.

    Puhleeeeeze...pretty puhleeeeeeze with sugar on top...beat USC. Please.

    As to the idea that y'all can play over your heads to beat LSU...Moogie, that is the funniest damn thing I've read on the worldwide computer today.

    I'm laughing, and I can't quit...

  19. Was I ever wrong. I said that Saban would out coach Miles. Didn't happen tonight. Saban and his staff made some bad decisions during overtime.

  20. Ya shoulda gone with your original 4 point prediction, Andy. I caught the entire second half... good game, and grats!

    BTW... the CinC's Trophy stays in Colorado Springs. That was a pretty good game, too.

  21. Ya' know, Buck, I was thinking the same thing about halftime.

    And, I did check in on the AF game. Made me smile.

  22. Kartman, you're right. They did pull some major boners.

    But, truth is, so did we...but on the player side, not the corches.

    It was not as well executed a game as I expected. But then again, neither team was out there playing a chump.

  23. That was seriously the best game that I have seen in quite a while. I am still not convinced that one team is superior to the other. The stat lines are exactly the same and the score shows the same thing. But, Bammer's kickers should be forced to run windsprints every day, all day this week. (While getting shot at with live ammunition.)

    Le Smiles was asked the dumbest question after the game, a microphone chick asked, "How about a rematch, Corch?" He replied, "I would be honored to play that team again."

    He lied, though. Le Smiles doesn't want to play them boys no mo' and he knows it.

    Andy, the check is in the mail.

  24. Yes Paul, to us old football fans that remember when 9 to 6 games were considered exciting, indeed it was.

    Ya' know, 'Bammer just gotta be sick. 295 yards of offense, and 6 points. Then again, our 240 shoulda rung up more than 9.

    As far as one team not being superior to the other...I really hate the fact that the monors are gonna drop 'Bama out of the #2 spot. tie at the end of regulation with #1, out-yard 'em, lose in're still at least the second best team out there.

    And you're right...Lester is a terrible liar. No one with a lick of sense would believe he wants to look at them boys again. Especially after beating 'em in their yard.


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