Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My trip to the AT&T Store (Andy got a new iPhone)

(Editorial note: This post contains cute pictures of Tucker...so ya' might want to hang in there.)

Hey y'all, hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, it's a long, long story that I shouldn't bore y'all with.  But, as coincidence would have it, within two days of my cheapo AT&T Nokia phone crapping out, The Mrs.' contract with Sprint (which sucks) ran out.

Now, she had a really good Samsung Rant telephone that she just loved!  So, in an effort to keep her phone, we went to The Sprint Store.  Our intent was to finally let #4 son have a cell phone (I'm still not sold on it, but The Mrs. insists that it's time), and get them on a two line plan. The folks were nice, but JEEPERS!  Those folks are awful proud of their voice/text only plans.  

Seriously, it was WAY TOO MUCH for their monthly plans.

Now, my telephone service is a piggyback off of #3 son's AT&T plan.  And, cheap.

So, we all got our heads together and went to the AT&T store to see what we could do.  Turned out like this:

I bought a new iPhone 4 (or 5, not sure which, because, well, because I'm not sure, but it's the newest one you can get) for $99 & added the mandatory data plan.  We piggybacked The Mrs. phone number (she will use the AT&T LG Encore that I had purchased for myself a few days ago...dang good little phone, too), obtained a free Samsung phone for Paul (well...10 bucks).

Total monthly cost added to #3 son's AT&T bill:  50 bucks.

Yep!  50 bucks, and we're all set for communications.

Now...I had never really understood the big deal about the iPhone.  

Until I got one.

This thing is cooler than the other side of the pillow.  I'll admit to being a little overwhelmed when I saw what must be a 482 page instruction manual.  But this thing is so dang user friendly that I've barely looked at the book (actually, I got it on .pdf).  Plus, it seems that every other person I run in to has one, so I've just been able to ask folks how to do such and such...

It's cool.

I'm extremely happy with the outcome.  And, Tina at the AT&T store on East Texas Street is the bomb!

So, we were left with one decision to make.  What to do with The Mrs.' old Samsung Rant telephone???

Well, I went online to Gazelle.com, thinking I might get four or five bucks for it.  Nope.  Not interested.

So, we decided to transfer usage of it over to Great Nephew Tucker (The Mrs. thinks he's ready for his own phone, too).

I think he's figured out how to text.

But, he's having a little trouble with the voice call process...

Hey, Tucker!  You're doin' it rawng!!!

So, I am officially Appleized!

Hey, if y'all iPhone owners have any suggestions for Apps (free ones preferably) that I might find handy, please feel free to suggest.  

This thing is cool...


  1. Sounds like you all got everything worked out on the tellyphone front. I got no suggestions for apps, since I ain't got none on my old flip phone. And we're probably the onliest ones in TN still got a land line. You young whippersnappers...next thing you know you'll be gettin' one of them iPods or iPads or whatever, joining the rest of the pod people.

  2. "Cooler than the other side of the pillow..." now that is cool!

  3. Oh, Noes. Yet ANOTHER Fanboi comes into the world... as if we needed more. Did you get the requisite wallet photo of Steve Jobs, too? And the one-size-fits-all portable iAltar? Enquiring Minds™ wanna know...

  4. Buck, I saw the same thing happen with the pastor of my church. His laptop took a flaming dump, so he bought a MacBook. Next thing you know, he has an iPhone and an iPad and his wife has an iThis and an iThat.

    Now that Andy's taken a bite of the forbidden fruit, he's a goner.

  5. First let me say that Tucker is just so dang adorable~ Can I have him?

    2nd There are a lot of free apps on Iphone just go into the App Store on your phone..My Son loves the Camwow free app where you can take all kinds of Crazy pics. He uses my phone he doesn't have one yet but he is asking for his own. I'm not sure yet..How old is your son 4?
    I don't like that CamWow app. He takes pictures of me on it and leaves it on my phone..If you use that app you'll see why I don't like it. Although after seeing you in the cool chicken hat I think you will like it.

  6. I had a little trouble keeping up with the story. But you know me, a little on the slow side.

    I have an iPhone cuz my employer provides it. I like the simplicity of use that it offers. If AT&T could just provide better coverage...

  7. I was visiting my in-laws last week and a grand niece came over with her two year old. I took out my I phone and he grabbed it faster than candy. He turned it on by pushing the on button, slid the unlock bar and went straight for the apps. He was actually pissed that I didn't have angry Birds on my phone. He went for the music and had it playing loud and a song came on he didn't like. I found out that if you shake the phone, it changes the song. Oh well, next time I replace the phone i too will have a plan that includes the wife on a phone.

  8. Most excellent wheeling and dealing!

    I love my iPhone most of the time. One thing you need to know -- you can't answer a phone call while wearing gloves. It is a needy little thing that requires human contact. Your next purchase? A car charger. It's also a hungry little thing.

    Apps -- most local tv stations, and some radio, have free apps. They'll even send you updates and breaking news stories. I think the AP app is free -- it's a good way to get a jumpstart on the news before rolling out of bed in the morning. One of my favorites is iVideoCamera. It's not free, but it's not expensive either. There's also Genius, a still and video app, that also charges a small fee. WhipCast is free and keeps you in the know about what's going on in Congress.

    I have 2 Mardi Gras "parade trackers" courtesy of local tv stations, but they're always overwhelmed during the big parades and lock up. I hope they're working on that before Carnival season kicks off. CNN and FoxNews both have free apps, along with The Weather Channel (which, although way off the mark) is much better than the Weather App that comes pre-programmed.

    Once you start downloading apps and have a whole bunch of them (which you will, because it's like eating peanuts or Lay's Potato Chips -- I know, you prefer Kroger Ranch Potato Chips), remember to keep an eye on the App Store icon for updates.

    Angry Birds goes without saying. Words With Friends is also fun -- kinda like Scrabble.

    Tucker is cuter every day! I hope you don't find half of that phone in between the cushions!

  9. Dan, "pod people." Nyuk!!! I, too, had a flip phone. If it had not cratered I would still be just as pleased as punch. But, trust me here...once you jump to the dark side, it'd be hard to ever go back.

    Lou: I read that expression when I was about 15 years old in the newspaper. It was a story about a local high school player hitting two free throws with zero left on the clock to win a big game. I've never forgotten that one.

    Buck: Steve who??? Nope, this is Louisiana. They were giving away Tigers & Saints key chains.

    Inno, I don't think I'll go whole hog with apples. I mean, I'm a pc guy, and my lifestyle and needs don't really require pads & pods. I am a practical sort. I mean, hell I'm just now getting a phone with letters big enough to text from.

    Stopsign, thanks for the info. I will e-mail you something about #4 son, his age, challenges, etc.

    Dave & MUD, it seems y'all are also appleized (either by choice or requirement). MUD, that story is CHOICE! NYUK! Two years old? Nyuk... And, get Barb one of these. She might finally love ya'. Nyuk...

    Moogie, thanks for the input. Imma check out some of those. I got one called "Genius Scan" that Staci recommended by computer letter. That baby is suh-weet!


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