Friday, December 2, 2011

Just goofin' with my fancy new iPhone trying to see if I can post something to The Globber off it?

Do y'all see Sadie?


  1. I see Sadie. I like the Labradoggies, so good first phoneblogging effort!

  2. Hmmmmm....

    It looks like my apostrophe came out in HTML or something',

  3. I don't think that's the iPhone's fault. Some characters just aren't allowed in website URLs. The ampersand will do the same thing if you put it in a post title.

  4. Hmmmm.... I never knew that. It's amazing with all these thousands of posts I've done, I've never noticed.

    Learn something new every day.

  5. As well you should be, Jimbo!

    Posting this comment from my "fancy new iPhone, too!

    Gettin me in some practice.

    This thing is bitching'!

  6. I gotta get one. Don't know how to use it though.

  7. Kartman, gethca' one! Seriously, it is WAY easier to use than I ever figured.

    This dang thing does every dang thing, from soup to nuts, and it even lets you talk to people miles away.

  8. I can see your having fun with your new toy.
    Sadie is Cute. I like labs too.

  9. Stopsign, Sadie is indeed cute! She is 7 years old, and is the dumbest Lab on the planet, but she is also the sweetest canine to ever grace Andy's Place.

    Having "fun?" Well...yeah, I reckon so. But this is all about important business. Gotta get learned good on your equipment, ya' know...

  10. Great pic of a sweet pup!

    Just wait til autocorrect starts messing with ya. ;)


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