Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where we at, and what we got??? (Week #14)


Man, I don't know if I'm washin', or hangin' out!

Hey y'all!  I cut my grass yesterday.  Yep!  Mowed the grass on December 2.  I had told y'all a few months back that I believed that it would NEVER rain again in NW Louisiana.  So, I scalped the yard, drained the equipment, and closed the door on two cycle hell for the year.

But, I was wrong.  Again.  We've had several decent rains, and my yard looked like crap.  So, I was forced to decide between getting my lazy rear end out there and finishing it off for the year (again), or having to look at the crappy-looking thing and regretting all Winter that I didn't.

It was a gorgeous day!  Really.  I don't know how warm it got, but I worked in short sleeves.  I had gotten the heads up from Mr. Weather (you local visitors, and ex-locals will know who I'm talking about) that big ol' changes be on the way.  Heavy rains & bitter cold temps headed our, I knew this was probably my last chance to make the place half-way presentable.

Got it did, too!  Well...all except I didn't run the weedeater.  I only had a smidgen of two cycle gas left & didn't want to mix up a whole nother gallon to sit over the winter.  So, I made the decision to feed the blower instead.  It reallly needs a weed-eating to look perfect.

But, screw it.

I AM my Father.  Yep!  Thursday night I walked in my office, and looked at my desk.  I swear, it looked just like Daddy's desk that I giggle about.  I mean, scraps of paper everywhere...old receipts for junk that's already half-used, or gone...16 notifications of rate changes from State Farm Insurance...a receipt for perfume that was The Mrs.' birthday present (I knew the fragrance was right, I just held on to it in case I had bought the "cologne" instead of the "parfum".  Again.)....old notes with customer orders from months ago...bids I made for equipment for Daddy to three or four School Districts...

Just a bunch of junk!

Now it's in some semblance of order, and the crap is either filed, or chunked.

Worked most of yesterday on my own biz...gotta take #4 son to the Dentist at 0930 (that should be fun).  Gotta come home and work on my biz again after that until 1500 HRS.

Oh 1500 CST, my beloved Tigers play in the SEC Championship game.  Y'all don't call me until the game is over, okay?  Normally, I'd be all revved up about this game.  Normally, us SEC homers refer to the game in Atlanta as The National Championship.  But, I think we already played that one against Corch St. Nick, and I'm having a little trouble working up a healthy hatred for The Red Clay Dawgz.

So, even though I shall be wearing the chicken hat, I'll spare y'all the picture this week.  You'll have to trust me on it.

Will we win?  Well, heck yeah!  Will it be easy?  Probably not.  At least not at first.  

I look for (a MUCH improved & improving) Georgia Bulldog team to put it on our offense.  Their D is right up there with ours in many ways.  And, Atlanta is really a home game for them.  Not only that...there's a pride thing that Georgia will be carrying on their shoulders.  All season, the SEC East has been maligned as dragging the conference down...the weaker of the twin sisters, etc.  I say we win 36 to 10, but not without a few hiccups, and a defensive TD, or two.

The other big game of the day is Bedpan at Bone-Pickin' Stadium in Stoolwater.  I don't have a dog in this fight (excuse the Michael Vick reference), but Imma say that OU will win this one.  They need it BAD, and I think Okie State has been over-rated all season.  OU 40 - 'Boys 30.

Well, that's all I got.

Boring post, I know.

But, if I don't post something every once in a while I'll forget how to work The Globber.

And, we certainly don't want that happening!

Y'all have a great weekend!  I love y'all!

I mean it.


  1. My desk is sumthin' of a mess, too. But it'll stay that way for a while... the piles ain't big enough to mess with yet.

    You ARE in for some nasty WX if you get what we got. Just sayin'. But I'm thinkin' snow will look purty on yer newly-manicured lawn.

  2. My desk has been the bane of my existence lately. It is piled with papers - most of Toby's crap. I may have to blog about it soon. My dad would be horrified.

  3. Buck, I think we're gonna miss the white stuff, but the heavens have surely opened up with Godwater. Grateful for it, too!

    Lou, I started to do an entire post enumerating each and every piece of worthless junk on my desk. But, I don't think The Globber will allow that many characters.


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