Saturday, December 3, 2011

Okay, it's halftime, and we're down 10-7 to the miserable Red Clay Dawgz...


I think I made a big mistake by not posting my "lucky chicken hat pitcher."

That should do it.

I'm sticking with my perdiction of a 36-10 win, now that I've brokened the jinx.


  1. They did a lot better than you predicted. I'm impressed.

  2. Boy the Dawgs sure are a tease, aren't they? Made it look like they had a chance at halftime, then forgot to show up for the second half.

  3. Dave, it's a pattern. The Tigers just wear you down, finally. Good grief, that was a messy murder!

    Buck, indeed they did. I swear...238 total yards offense & 42 points. That must be some kind of a weird record.

  4. When you break a jinx, you break a jinx! Think there might be a rodeo or trail drive in the Tiggers' future?

  5. I'm a little disgusted at how Les treated Jarrett Lee, though.


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