Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Quarterback - Week 14 - Wrapping up the regular season


Good Lord A'mighty, getting to 13-0 was messy!

Ya' know, the thing I hate about college football is that eventually every season ends.  I wish we could have it all year...maybe taking a month off so that corches could go recruit and all.  But, I know that's not practical.  And, the truth is I'd probably get tired of college football after a couple of non-stop years.

Probably not.

But, the 2011 regular season could not have ended in a more spectacularly messy manner.

I'm lovin' it.

Well, there were some bloody, messy, murders on Sattidy, for sure!  Let's crank it off with my beloved Tigers of LSU.  Only one time this season have we been whipped in the stats (and that by #2 Alabama...and not as whipped).  But, the Red Clay Dawgz of Georgia came to play, and play they did.  I had predicted a 36 - 10 win over Georgia, but not without some special team & defensive touchdowns.  I would call "genius" on this one, but it don't take a rocket surgeon to look at the team's history and realize that such things are probably going to happen.

And, they did.  My goodness...LSU - 30 yards passing (Jefferson was 5 for 13) - 13 first downs - lost the offensive yardage battle by 60 - won the game 42 - 10.  That is the most upside down set of eventualities that I can recall.  But, when you play 13 regular season ball games & win 'em're gonna have some goofy wins.

I was thinking this morning just how hard it is to win 13 football games...especially in the toughest division of the toughest conference.  It's dang near impossible.  I was also wondering how many teams have ever won 14 games in a season.  A little look back shows me that Auburn did it in 2010, and 'Bama did it in 2009.

I could be wrong, but I think that's it.  So, whoever plays us in the BCS Title Game 'Bama will be defending a little history in the Dome come January  9, 2012 (If the Mayans were wrong, and the world don't end).

Now, that brings us to the slaughter in Stoolwater, and what might happen due to it.  The Okie State 'Boys just beat the tar out of their in-State rival, OU.  I mean, the performance by the Sooners was just as piss-poor as any I've witnessed this season from a top-10 ranked team.  Honestly, I do not know which team is better ('Bama, or Okie State).  Given the miserable performance by OU, heck, Notre Dame probably would have beat 'em.

There will be weeping & crying and Oklahoma outrage tonight if when 'Bama waltzes in to the BCS championship ahead of OSU.  And, to be honest as an LSU fan, SEC homer, and lover of the sport, I'd really like to see us get Oklahoma State in the dome.  We've already seen 'Bama, and I'd like a chance to prove that the SEC truly is the Championship Conference.  Plus, I'd like to see Okie State's QB (and, a fine one he is) try to run away from our monsters for about half the game...and let them see what it's like to face a killer Defensive Line with their run game.

But, we're gonna get who we get...gonna be interesting.

After a humiliating loss to Clemson, #5 ranked Virginia Tech (who should have never been anywhere near the top 10) will be lucky to remain in the top 25.  And, you've got the previously unbeaten Houston Cougars, who literally got the snot beat out of 'em (I saw some of that me, Cougar snot covered the turf) by lowly Southern Mississippi.


Seriously, in the name of all things holy in college football, what were The Cougars doing with a #6 national ranking?  Heck, their toughest opponent all season was Louisiana Tech.  And, they only won by one stinkin' point.  Houston should fall out of the top 25, also.

Here are the authoritative Sunday Morning Quarterback final top 10 rankings.

1)  LSU

2)  Alabama

3)  Arkansas

4)  Oklahoma State

5)  Georgia

6)  South Carolina

7)  Baylor

8)  Wisconsin

9)  Kansas State

10) drum roll.......................The Boysies.  (Yes, you did indeed read Andy put The Boysies in the top 10.  It just goes to show how weak everybody else is).

Anybody lower than #10 is subect to severe suckage at any given time, so they're not worth ranking.

Well, it's been an exciting season!  I swear, it seems like it just kicked off yesterday with my beloved Tigers embarrassing the miserable Oregon Ducks.

Times flies when you're having fun, I reckon!

We will be looking at some of the bowl games between now and when we win the BCS Championship game in New Orleans early next year.  But, it's time to put the wraps on another season of SMQ.  And, from me, the entire staff of writers, contributors, and office help, payroll people, housekeeping & maintenance staff, we say au revoir, sayonara, and aufweiterzen, y'all!

Catch y'all on the flip-flop...


  1. Arkansas #3? To plagarize a friend of mine, Nyuk!
    I know, they are SEC.
    I've always pretty much supported the BCS, but if they pick Alabama (and they will) over Oklahoma State, I'm on the playoff bandwagon.
    Conference championships should mean something, and picking a team that won neither its division nor its conference over the Big 12 champs is just wrong.

  2. Yeah, I think you got it pretty much right, especially the part about the Cougar mucus. And the top 10, even though I'm pretty iffy on the Boises.

    Think Les will let Lee do something other than hand-wash Jefferson's dainties?

    We're gonna miss College Gameday. I miss it already.

    Congrats to your Bayou Bengals!

  3. The game SHOULD be Bammer v. Geaux Tigers, but in my opinion that is not fair to the Corndogs. I hate it for y'all, but that is the game I want. Gimme it.

  4. Paul, you are right, indeed. They are definitely the two best teams in the nation, and in disagreement with Jim (rare), plenty of conference winners are sub-national championship caliber.

    Moogie, many thought Lee would come out to start the second half. I did not. Les could not afford to go in to a loooooong stretch before the next game with a new QB controversy. Jefferson is his man, and I knew he would stick with him...unless things didn't turn around by the 4th quarter. The D , our running game, & special teams saved him that decision.

    One more thing, Jimbo. I put the Hawgz at #3 because I believe they are the third best team in the nation. They only lost twice...twice to #1 & 2. I mean, heck, it's not like they lost to a 6-6 Iowa State.

  5. They will pick Alabama, and it will have a good effect in the end. It will cause enough of a stink nationally to force a playoff system. Hide and watch.

  6. Jim, I'd like to think you are right. But, I've just about given up hope on a playoff. Been hoping for it for years!

    And, season after season, all the good arguments are made. Somebody (or a couple of somebodies) get screwed. And ZERO movement is made in that direction by the NCAA.

    We'll see. Perhaps two teams from the same conference in the champeenship will move the marker a bit. But, I ain't holding my breath. I'd love to see it, though.

    MORE FOOTBALL from the best teams would tickle me pink.

    The good thing about two SEC teams duking it out in the final is that all the SEC haters will finally have something to be happy about.

    A team from the SEC will finally lose the game...

  7. Congrats to your Tigers, Andy. That win over Georgia was a squeaker though. Heh. My hat's off to the premier picker in blogsville, which would be u.

  8. Andy, I agree that the argument has gone on but there are two factors that will make a difference this time.
    1. 2 from the same conference.
    2. Boone Pickens and his $$$$$$$

  9. Excellent purnt, Jim!

    I mean, about T-Bone's coins...

    Could happen.

  10. I like the non-stop football idea. We could get rid of the lame sports like basketball and soccer.

  11. Miserable Oregon Ducks? Really? You couldn't have said "Sorry Oregon Ducks" or "Lousy Oregon Ducks." It had to be "Miserable Oregon Ducks." Hmm. Well, at least I can say that at least we're not, (wait for it!!)


    I still remember the years that the ONLY team we did beat was the freek'n Beavers!!

  12. BTW, are we gonna move up when we BEAT stupid Wisconsin in The Grandaddy of Bowl games?

  13. Don't worry about January 2012: the Mayan Calendar runs out on December 21, 2012. Now, while the whackadoo Rev. Harold Camping will probably trying picking that date as his next Rapture prediction, the God that I believe in will NEVER let the world end in the middle of a football season. There'll be no Heidi to screw up the polls!


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