Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some famous folks are real nice.


Hey y'all!

In my capacity as volunteer Secretary for my Daddy, I've had some interesting days.  I got him in to this about 10 years ago, and it has provided him with a lot of benefits.  #1)  It has kept his mind and body moving in his Golden Years, and #2)  He's made some serious coins in the process.

Daddy's business is an interesting one.  Because of the nature of it he deals with people all across our beloved nation.  He deals with people from all socio-economic/cultural/whatevers that share a common interest.  

Now, Daddy is comprutuh illiterate!  So, since I got him in to this mess I have remained his volunteer Secretary.  I do his billing, website maintenance, and all of his computer letters, too.  I really enjoy it.  It's a small way of paying him back for all he's done for me.

Over this last decade we've dealt with some famous folks.  If I started throwing out names, there would be some you would recognize.  Some are politicians, entertainers, business moguls (one is the founder of a company that was a start-up at the time, that now shows films on the worldwide computer by the bunches).  

Anyway, today I had an e-mail exchange with another famous person.  

When I saw the name tagged on to the computer letter I wondered, "Hmmmm....I wonder if this really is (famous person's name withheld)?"  Sure enough it was.  I could tell by the actual e-mail address that I was indeed writing to a famous folks. 

Said "famous folk" is a nationally syndicated radio personality, best-selling author, frequent guest on big-time cable news shows, an in-demand speaker, and I can tell y'all...one helluvagal!

Really.  I swear, that lady is just as down-to-earth plain folks as she appears to the general public. 

It got me to thinking about other famous folks I've run across in the past.  I met Tom Landry once.  Met Terry Bradshaw a couple of times.  Really nice guys...nothing snobby at all.

A co-worker of mine at my "day job" once spent over an hour in her office with the great Walter Payton, and tells me that without a doubt he was one of the classiest, "Sweetest" humans that life ever put in her path.

Ya' know...it would be hard to be famous!  It would be tough to try to go about a day to day life with everybody recognizing you, and wanting something from you.  Heck, I've got some stories I can't tell, due to the nature of my employment...but some famous folks just tend to be triple-jerks.  

But, not this gal.

Oh, BTW...she's a CONSERVATIVE!  (Which explains much about why she's a helluvagal).

Maybe you've got an experience with famous folks you'd like to tell about.

Maybe not.

Anyway...it was pretty dang cool to deal with famous folk that interact with common folk...like common folk.

I know that made ZERO sense.

But, it's been a few days since I posted something, and I don't want The Globber to forget me.

Y'all have a great evening, okay?


  1. One time I stood in the concession stand line at a Blazer preseason game. The guy who (at the time) was the Blazer's TV announcer was two people ahead of me in the same line. It was amazing!!1!

    Another time, I got a text message from Sabby Piscitelli (presently a safety for the KC Chiefs) when he was still a Beaver. His girlfriend must've had a cell number close to mine and he mis-dialed or something, because the content of the message was, um, "friendly." At least I *hope* it was a mis-dail. [shudder!]

    In other words, I haven't really had any doings with famous folks.

  2. When I was about 11 years old Smiley Burnette (Gene Autry's sidekick, Frog). I got to ride in the parade with him in the back seat of the police car in Vivian.
    My friends were jealous.
    "How did you get to ride with old Frog?"
    Sort of been my crowning glory for the last 53 years.
    Other than my encounter with Earl K. Long about the same time.
    I was in Milwaukee in 1988 and my office was about 14 blocks from where Jeffrey Dahmer lived. Does that count?

  3. I shared my few dealings with "famous" folk awhile back. They were just regular folk, as it turned out. Just better known than me.

    If she is any of the lady conservative, syndicated radio hosts that I am aware of, she must be hot. Did you get her phone number?

  4. You tease!
    Does Odie play her videos?

    I danced with Michael Damian once when he was here entertaining at a club.But I'm not sure if that counts if no one remembers him.

  5. Inno: Sabby actually came on to you? Dude, YOU'RE famous.

    Jim: Smiley? Really? Fascinating.

    Dave: She IS hot. And, yes...

    SS: I'm feeling much better now that I realize it's okay to not remember Michael Damian. But, I'm sure it was a big moment (at the time).

  6. Neil Young sang at my wedding reception - my big claim to fame.

  7. I don't know anyone famous except Andy.

  8. Kartman,you have lived a truly boring life.

    Just saying'...

  9. Richard Chamberlain (Dr. Kildare for those not in their fogeyness years) and I got donuts in the same shop when I was a junior in high school in Culver City, CA. I didn't know who he was or that he was famous until my girlfriend went all sloppy on me one morning, right there in the donut shop... That was embarrassing.

  10. Excuse me Kartman, there's more than one famous blogger in Bossier!

  11. I met Max Baer, Jr., (Jethro Bodine i "The Beverly Hillbillies") at my Daddy's office when I was 8 years old. He kissed my hand! I almost wet my pants. Recently ran into John Goodman ("Roseanne," "Treme") in Petsmart -- he was carrying a big bag of kitty litter. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

    Bill Clinton? Oozes charisma and charm, but don't turn your back on him. Hillary? All the warmth of a reptile.

  12. BTW, my most recent brush with celebrity is Journey's former front man, Steve Perry. Bumped into him in the Phoenix airport about a year ago and exchanged a few pleasantries with him. He's shorter than me (about 5'8" I would guess) and still wears his hair like he did when he sang with Journey. He's been out of the spotlight for so long now I think he was surprised someone recognized him.

  13. Kartman, please do not humor Jim. It will further swell his head, and we've already seen what that big parade ride with Smiley Burnette did!

    Just sayin'...

    Moogie, I would love to meet Jethro. Did you know that he became a big success in business? Yep! I remember seeing a piece on 60 Minutes with him once. He couldn't get any acting roles because he had been "type cast" as a stupid hick. So, he started a business providing trailers & catering to studios for "on location" filming. Made mucho dinero, too.

    Buck, that must have been embarrassing, but at least she didn't swoon over some other 7th grader. Gotta be some consolation there.

    Dadman...because of my e-mail, you already know who said "famous folk" is. You were REALLY close...no, you were right. ;) I know you've run across a bunch of famous folk, due to your profession. We get a lot of movie stars around here now, and it's funny...people will just go convulsive if they see Sandra Bullock, or Kevin Costner, or somebody famous at a restaurant, or at the mall.

    It's got to be tough being famous. That's why I decided not to do it...don't need the aggravation & junk.

  14. Buck, that must have been embarrassing, but at least she didn't swoon over some other 7th grader.

    Not YOU, too?! I was a junior in high school at the time and took a LOT o' flack for my 7th grade girlfriend. People just didn't understand true love.


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