Friday, November 25, 2011

So, at what point today will Les Miles commence with the kneel downs?


I shall be wearing my "The Hawgz Suck!" chicken hat today.  My 'Bama Sucks! chicken hat seemed to have brought us luck, so I'm not messing with fate. 

I'm figuring that with roughly 6:12 left in the 4th quarter, Corch Miles will start the kneel downs, so as not to totally humiliate the stinkin' Hawgz, and completely knock them out of going to a decent (though insignificant) bowl game.

Naw seriously, it's gonna be a good one.  We will win convincingly, of course, which is why I say it is going to be a good one!  Y'all enjoy!!!

 (Editorial note:  I had to use a photo from the archives.  You can tell, because this one features my old little bitty remote control that Tucker hid half of somewhere, which still hasn't been found...and not my nifty new jumboass remote.  I started to take a new picture, but I am feeling poorly, and look like opposed to how debonaire and suave I was looking when this one was struck.   And, being ill, I am pretty sure I should not lift heavy objects.).


  1. Andy, truly sorry you're not feeling good, but I know that the Tigers bringing home that boot will perk you up!

  2. Sorry you're puny. And sorry that the Hogs thumping the Tiggers will make it worse. Not really.

    I wore a Razorback tee shirt on Wednesday, and the clerk in Petco teasingly told me not to come back into his store wearing that shirt. I told him that I have plenty more like it at home, but that I was saving the lucky one for Friday!



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