Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where we at, and what we got??? (Week #11)


Hey y'all! We at home, and are definitely wrapping some things up.

What was THIS on October 8...

Is now THIS on November 12...

Yep! New faucet installed (and it works and don't leak, too), and TILE JOB DID!!! 

And, it only took a little over a month.

Well, it's not completely finished. We still gotta DAP, and do a major clean-up on the 1948 model tub itself. But, I can see the finish line. Hallelujah!

And, for the first time in many, many years, we'll have water coming out of the shower head like it's supposed to!

See, I told y'all the tile was all trimmed out in black. I think some of y'all doubted me. Shame on y'all!

Now, I've got to deal with covering up my fancy access to the rear of this near disaster...

Like I said when this whole mess started, I think I'll cut me a piece of cardboard and color it yellow.

I've gotta think on that a while...

So, what we got?

We don't have a big line-up of important games like last weekend.  But, I guess there are a few.  I'm calling upsets again.

As usual.

Tuberville Tech upsots the 'Boys from Stillwater.  TT 92 - Okie State 90.

Oregon beats Stanford in Tall Stick.  Oregon 3 - Stanford 2

TCU beats Boise in front of their home crowd of whiny, "we should be #1" fans.  Frogs 34 - Boysies 24.

That's all.  Everybody else that's supposed to win will win.  Sorry, if I can't call an upset for your sucky team to do better.  I just can't!

Y'all enjoy the games, and have a great what's left of your weekend!


  1. Andy, great job on the shower and tile. I really mean that. You managed to get through the job without throwing in any, er, muave tile.
    As to the football, I hope TCU does beat Boise, but you are wrong on Okla State and Stanford. Other than that, you're doing okay.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have some tile to lay soon Andy. Are you available to help since you know what you are doing?
    I think Jim is right, OK State and Stanford will win. We are all for TCU.

  3. Why don't you just make the opening into an access door? I have seen that in some homes.

  4. Time to tile MY bathroom and since your facet looks so nice? I'll take one of 'em too. :)

  5. Nice job on the tile... it looks very spiffy!

  6. Great tile/fixture job! Pretty good job on the picks, too. Horned Frog Alum SIL#1's feet still haven't hit the ground!


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