Saturday, November 12, 2011

An afterthought or three...


1)  So, it seems that I was WAY wrong in calling an upset by Texas Tech over the Okie Pokies.  I have never called three upsets without at least one of them coming to pass.  This means that either Luck runs out, or the Boysies go down.

I'm thinking that I'm gonna hit 2 out of 3...which ain't bad. 

Just ask Rick Perry.

B)  I forgot to mention that it is "Homecoming" in Baton Rouge, and my beloved Tigers play Western Kentucky in Death Valley.  Dangit!!!  It's Homecoming!  We shoulda' scheduled somebody easy like The Klan, or The Hawgz...

Or The Ducks, or Cardinal (whatever the heck that is), or maybe even a real easy team from Flarda  (take your pick), or ANY team from Texas.


But, I think we'll win, anyway.

3)  Dangit!  I can't remember the third thing I was gonna tell y'all as an "afterthought."  I knew it before I sat down to type it out.  It had something to do with something that was REALLY important that y'all really needed to know about.  



Now I know how Rick Perry felt the other night. 


  1. Dang, my comment didn't post, and it was real witty. I'll try again.
    Let's see if I can remember this.
    First of all - 66-6, think you were wrong? Heh.
    Second - Other games - Arkansas will beat Tennessee, Vols are like a coke machine, put in a dollar and they'll give you something.
    Third - Alabama will beat Mississippi State, but it ain't a cakewalk. But they will win, they're mad.
    LSU 35 WKU 14
    That's all.

  2. Jimbo, you are indeed a brave man. I mean, calling 'Bama over State, and The Hawgz over Corch Dooley's hapless crowd... really gots spizerinkum! I said, I was wrong about TT over Still Waters. But, at least I ain't afraid to call the tough ones.

    Heck, should have called the Thursday & Friday games like Basil does on Saturday!

    Nope! You're wrong about the Homecoming game. It will be LSU 60 - WKU 3. No mercy these days. Too much at stake.

  3. Andy, I call every game right. On Sunday morning.

  4. Nyuk! Two out of three...

    Even though Oregon & Stanford scored a little more than I thought they would, and the Frogs didn't win by 10 like I figured...

    I'll take it!

    I'm a genius. Or, 2/3 of one anyway...

  5. I mean, seriously? LSU gets to cruise up to the Battle For The Boot by going through an Ole Miss team that now has half its (few) decent players suspended?!?! How much did Les pay ole' Houston Dale, do you suppose?

  6. Moogie, the Klan is the worst team I can remember watching in the SEC in the last decade...or two.

    To bribe Nutt to lose would be like paying Sandusky to play with boys.

  7. BTW...y'all had your crack at 'em, and nearly gave Pepper a coronary.

    Just sayin'...


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