Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just a note to all y'all poll voters that feel like you MUST vote for Boise week in and week out, because they remain undefeated...


And, another note to all y'all Boise fans that whine and cry because y'all can't never get into the national championship because the deck is stacked against y'all, even though y'all really KNOW deep inside that you'd never stand up week after week to real competition.


Y'all are all off the hook!  Nyuk!!!


  1. Thank goodness. Halftime LSU 14 WKU 7, looks like I'm on track for my 35-14 prediction.
    Maybe they will kick it up in the second half and put some humiliation on them.

  2. Does Boise REALLY have a footbaw team?

  3. Alabama beat State by 24-7. The #1 team beat them by 19-6. State was basically playing the same team both times, and did a respectable job.

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  5. Jimbo, I have said it before...MS State was our toughest game (before 'Bama, of course). Arkansas had best not snooze next week in Starkville.

    42 - 9. Not bad. We played 'Bama last week. I guess we were still a little sore.

    Kartman...I rarely feel good about a win for any team from Texas. This is one of those rare occasions. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

    Paul, Boise does indeed have a football team. They are the "class" of the Mountain West. I mean, except for TCU...

  6. My Hogs are focused on the Dawgs!

    Love me some Horny Toads.


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