Monday, November 14, 2011

Sometimes, there's just nothing better on TV to look at...


So, I decided to look at NFL Monday Night Football.  Yeah...there was some other junk on, but even though I'm not an NFL watcher, I've been somewhat fascinated by The Green Bay Packers, and their dominance of all things pro football.

So, while flipping past channels, I see that they are playing against the vikings.  So, I take a gander for a minute, and see that the vikings have Percy Harvin on their team.

Then the light bulb switched on.  I remember when Harvin & Timbow dismantled the Southeast Conference...and pretty well humiliated the rest of the NCAA behind their dominance.  

But, that wasn't what I was so much thinking about.

I was thinking about that fabulous tribute to them a couple of years back by Congressperson/Congresswoman/Gentleman/Gentlelady/Whatever Corrine Brown on the floor of the US How of Repuhzenutiv.

(It took all of 9 seconds to locate it on The YouTube.)

Corch Irvin Mayas really did corch a remarkable group of guys! But, when you've got Tim Tivo & Percy Harvey... just don't take no jive.


  1. Help us all, I remember that video. Barbara Norton without the baggage.

  2. Did she do the Timbow at the end of that?

  3. It is troubling to know that this woman is involved in governing this country. I think we have others in Washington just as stupid as she is. Norton has already been mentioned so we certainly have them in BR also.

  4. How many times did I hear one of my playas say, "Corch, Corch, can u give me a dolla?" but they were good kids. Oh one, has drug problems and one is a starting offensive lineman for an NFL team. Oh I was coaching little league baseball. Here recently at a high school football game the announcer said describing a perfect pass for a TD, "He thrower a skrike!" I hope he is not a teacher

  5. Jim & Kartman...Babs Norton. Nyuk!

    Darrell, are you sure it wasn't, "Corch, Corch, can you borrow me a dolla?" I used to hear that one. Thrower a stirke...Nyuk!

    Staci, I have no idea what Corrine did after that...probably went back to screwing the nation somehow. BTW it's not "The Timbow." It's the "Timvo."

  6. Andy if you watched that game last night, you saw that it might be possible for the Packers to compete in the SEC, didn't you? I am not a big Senior League fan, either, but I occasionally watch the retired folks attempt to play the game they used to play when they were able.

  7. Why is she wearing her bathrobe?

  8. That Brown clip is one of the BEST thangs on the Tube O' You.

  9. Paul, I watched about the first quarter and a half before going YouTubing for Corrine's masterpiece. Never got back to it after that, but I understand that The Packers played almost as good last night as they did back when they were youngsters.

    Lou, if my wife had a bathrobe like that, I would sleep in a separate room at a separate house.

    Buck, Yep! I could watch that one at least four times every day until I croak.

  10. Andy/

    Going back to LSU-Ala and your comment that we old geezers remember when a 9-6 score was a GREAT game, I'll remind you of the LSU-TCU score my freshman year in 1962 when we "swamped" a 6'5" QB (A giant of a QB in those days) Jake "Sonny" Gibbs and the Horned Frogs by the GRAND TOTAL of 5-0. LOL!

  11. Freshman '62, eh? Virgil, you gots a great memory.

    So, I was 3 years old, and did not know of this massacre that you recount. But, I DO remember when 10-7, 6-3, or 6-0 games were common.

    Gibbs was 6'5"? Man, that was a giant of a guy in those days! I had to go fishing for info on the guy.

    The internet says he was 6'7"

    I'm sure it was bedlam when The Tigers skunked the monster! Wish I'd have been around in them days.


  12. That clip is more scary today than when she actually said that stuff.


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