Sunday, December 25, 2011

A brief look at the Sitemeter visitor log reveals that The Gooble may be falling in love with us again.


Seems that we rank extremely high on The GoobleSearch© in one particular term.

Not #1, mind you...but at least we're ahead of the Retard in Chief!

(Click on it to see the big picture.)

Nyuk...funny thing is, the visitor that hit our joint (thus giving us the heads-up on our high ranking) just happens to reside in The District of Columbia.  

I know it ain't ObozO himself, because I'm pretty sure he's on vacation somewhere, and I am almost certain that the imbecile can not even tie his own shoes...let alone type in letters and junk on a The GoobleSearch©.

1 comment:

  1. You never know what his minions are up to, Andy. He might not appreciate you stealing his "holiday season" thunder.

    I'm fairly certain he's not up to speed on Kwanzaa, though, so you should be pretty safe posting about that.


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