Monday, December 26, 2011

As we celebrate The Holiday Season...December 26, "Kwanzaa" is finally here!


The "Holiday Celebration" we've all been waiting for has finally arrived!

Now, the extremely important holiday celebration known as "Kwanzaa" is a mystery to lots of folks, because they do not KNOW just how dang important it is. 

Sure, it's a made-up deal with no real historic significance, but that DOES NOT diminish the importance of the whole dang thing!

Shirley Q. explains it all...and then a short note from Yours Truly.

Well, bite me! 

Happy Kwanzaa y'all!


  1. Go, Shirley!

    How does she 'member the names of all them chirrens?!?!

  2. May the PC bird of correctness kiss your .... I'ma still laughin' down here. I think I heard that one the kids was name Gynalotrimin. Or something like that. My favorite though, has to be Velveeta. I think she was in one of my classes one time, had a brother named Lethal Ray.

    Happy New Year, Andy and family!!

  3. Heh. Shirley Q may not be PC, but s/he IS funny.

  4. You say 'Shi-thead', I say 'Shit head'. That name always cracks me up!

    But seriously, I think Kwanzaa as a celebration is fading. When I first started teaching, it was a big deal for the black kids...this year, I had to explain it to them...they had no clue what it was!

  5. Yeah, Mrs. Who, that one always makes me snort! Shi-thead...nyuk...

    Dan, obviously you are not well acquainted with Shirley Q. YouTube Chuck's stuff. Actually, on the Shirley Q. scale, this effort is only about a 6...he's got MUCH funnier stuff. The gay marriage, and Ebonics Airlines routine always leave me in stitches.'re an old Shirley Q. fan (as I know). Still, I think her rendition of the Arkansas fight song is her best college football effort. Period.

    Buck, indeed!

  6. I wonder who I can send this to that will enjoy it. And I wonder who I can send this to that will hate it.

    I know. I'll send it to everybody. That ought to cover it.

  7. Oh, heck. You never did add the "share" bar from the Blogger admin center. Now, I got to cut and paste a link. Such work!

  8. Basil , I didn't know there was such a thing. But Imma look in to it. I love me some Shirley Q.


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