Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So, what did Santa bring Andy for Christmas?


Well, thanks for asking!!!

I'll show y'all...


  1. Totally awesome ;-) Husband got a book light (and a book).

  2. I dunno about Tucker but ya kinda scared ME.

  3. Why do men always throw away the instructions?

    Cool toy that Mrs. . . . Um, Santa brought!

  4. Dude, I am lurving the vlogging you are doing.

    This is by far the best yet.

  5. Mrs Santa got you a great gift.

    Does your new jammies have the feet in them?

  6. Hey, thanks y'all! It was real nice of you all to take the time to watch!

  7. You know you look like the Borg with them lights on your head.

    Resistance is futile!

  8. What temperature do you keep your house at? I mean, you live in Louisiana, but you're wearing two shirts (at least) and a jacket. Indoors.

  9. Mitch, it gets dang cold in Louisiana! And, it's a "wet cold" that chills you to the center of your bones.

    I start suffering when we hit the 50's. I think it was in the 30's (F) when I did this video.

    To answer your question, we keep the house between 65 & 68 (F), and I suffer without at least 3 layers! No body insulation, my friend...not much anyway.

  10. I believe the Mayor just called you a sissy.

  11. TD, I picked up on that.

    But, I do not take chastisement for sissiness from guys that have their nails did on "City Time," and drink something called "Ginger."

    But, thanks for the input. Sometimes I miss it when somebody calls me a Sissy, because I'm so confident of my manhood that I don't catch the nuanced references.

    I'm glad you've got my back.


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