Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Yep, Great Nephew, Tucker, turns the calendar on his first year on this very day.

I've shown y'all pictures of him, and videos of him and all...

But, in a previous V-logg, I casually mentioned that I might try to scare the livin' crap out of him, and make him cry with my fancy new Twist-a-Light that The Mrs. Santa brought me for Christmas.

(I just love screwing around with animals and small's a character flaw, I know...)

So, I put my Twist-a-Light around my head in standard alien looking fashion, and took to the job.

So, how did it come out?

(I apologize for the shaky camera deal...I was crawling on my belly like a reptile with a Twist-a-Light wrapped around my head, and an iPhone in my hand.  I did my best.)

I just love that boy!  I think if I did it in a really dark room when he was already kinda' scared, I'd have got him to scream real loud, and dookie his pants.

I just couldn't get the room dark enough!



  1. Happy Birthday Tucker! Kind of hard to be scared of Uncle Andy, huh?

  2. Happy Birthday Tucker~Uncle Andy is Crazy aint he? :)

  3. Happy Happy, Tucker!!

    Aside to Andy: Tucker's expression sez it ALL. He's got yer number, Bud.

  4. Hey y'all! I passed along your BD wishes to Tucker. He scream, cried, then sneezed and blew snot everywhere.

    Y'all are just wonderful!

    And Buck, yes indeed he's got my number. Closest thing to a grandchild I'll likely have. I reckon I've loved on him too much to make him cry (even though I still try).

  5. Happy belated birthday, Tucker!

    (could his eyes be any bigger or more beautiful!!)


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