Saturday, December 10, 2011

I've been three straight days off work.


You know what they say about idle hands...Very often they are producers of retarded junk.

(I'm sorry...while I was recording this, I had NO IDEA that it was as long, and boring as it was/is).


  1. This was so COOL~Now I'm going to have to play with more of the apps on my phone.

    BTW~ I didn't find it BORING at all...Hope Inno heard that :)

  2. I'm liking the videos. Just the thing with coffee before Mass!

  3. I want to know more about that 'making myself look better than I already do' thing.
    Apparently you need to work on that. Bwahahahahahaha!

  4. SS & Staci, y'all are too kind. I know it sucked.

    Jimbo, you're right. I fed the video in to YouTube's enhancement deal, and it spit back a message "We can not improve on perfection. We're good, but not better than perfect."

  5. "I'm like a kid with a new toy."

    No, you ARE a kid with a new toy. But I agree: it all happened so fast. Here's a blast from the past for ya: when I went down to the courthouse to register to vote Thursday the nice lady TYPED my application/data card out on a real, honest-to-gawd electric typewriter. I stared at it (and her) during "name, rank, and serial number" part o' the process like the idiot I am, but not so much as to weird her out. I think. I literally hadn't seen one of those in action in a coon's age.

    I was gonna comment about your Thai lady barber and compare her to Thai ladies I've known and loved but I forgot what I was gonna say, so nevermind. It prolly wasn't fit for a famb'ly blog anyhoo. Oh! Wait! Did she go to New Yawk for good?

  6. I haven't watched it yet, because the title is "Three Whole Days Straight Off!"

    The video isn't 3 days long, is it?

  7. OK, just watched (some of) it. Er, uh...WAKE UP, MAN!

    You're a riot, in a "is he gonna fall out of his chair" kind of a way.

  8. Seattle Andy, Nyuk! It was kinda' late in the day, so I was sundowning. Better now.

    Buck, I figured you'd have a memory or two of Thai ladies...

    And, no she's not gone for good. Just seeing the sights. When she migrated from Thailand she was in NY for a couple of years before getting smart and moving down South.

  9. After watching several stupid Christmas shows on TV, I find that either I don't like video blogging or I'm too tired to pay attention. I do like your hair though.

  10. Hey Lou, thank you for the honest appraisal. That's what we need.

    And, it's much easier to pay attention to something when it's at least somewhat interesting.


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