Friday, December 9, 2011

A serious question from the Blog Administrator here at Andy's Place...



  1. Pros:
    1. You are one handsome and well-spoken sunvagun.
    2. I dig the wreath in the background
    3. I also dig the purty background music provided my Microsoft

    Volume was too low for me to hear ya over the engraving equipment so I had to wait 'til I got home to get the full experience.

    I say go for it, but yell like you're at an LSU game so I can hear ya.

  2. I won't even be a smart aleck. I like it, do it as long as you don't totally give up the written word.

  3. How about someone downloading your videos and overdubbing a PAC-12 voice over it?

  4. Make it easy on yourself. Either way is fine. Gotta get me one of those fancy phones.

  5. Since you don't have an ugly mug like me, I say give it a whirl. Maybe it'll catch on, and you'll become all famous, and us little bloggers will be able we knew you when.

    I couldn't help but notice that about 3:36, you made a face like somebody has just fed you a turd.

  6. Hey, thanks to all y'all for the positive feedback! I believe I will whirl at it from time to time.

    Dave, I went back and looked. You are right. Might have cut the cheese. Don't remember.

    Jim, I know it was difficult for you to resist. You're a true friend.

    Kartman, you have no idea how much you NEED one of these. Get the newest model available. You will not be sorry.

    Inno, the wreath in the background is a fixture. This was taken in my office (or what once was my office). Now it is storage for wreaths that are rotated seasonally, unwrapped Christmas gifts, and is the repository for plastic, paper, metal cans, and cardboard that will be hauled (possibly today) to the recycling station here in town. We're GREEN, ya' know!

    Paul, that is the ONE thing I had not considered...and it truly gives me pause. I think there is a function in YouTube that will allow me to allow views to members only. I'm not sure if I can embed if I do that. I'll have to look in to that before going further. I certainly do not want my handsome visage to be hijacked by some pacific 12 type and misused.

    That would suck to the extreme.

    Thanks for putting a sharper point on this deal...

  7. V-logging is good. But it ain't for everyone... I had this same ideer a few years back when I bought the Mino. Total output? ONE v-log. That's not counting my "cheesy videos," which is a whole nuther thang... I have more of those than anyone wants or needs.

    Do it if it works for you! Mr. Jobs' patented telephone takes pretty good vids, while we're on the subject. I'm thinkin' your arm might get tired after a bit, though.

  8. Yes Buck, I am guite impressed with quality.

    This thing is a jewel!

  9. Personally I'd like to see both. Video blog away if you like, but keep something written in there from time to time as well.

  10. Variety being the spice of life and all . . . .


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