Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just a note of thanks.


I want to thank all both of y'all that said my singing wasn't half bad in my Auld Lang Syne V-Logg.  

(Just in case y'all didn't know, the verses of that song were from a pome by Robert Burns. He is one of my favorite poets, and was known as "The Bard of Scotland."  I know most of y'all don't think I know such cultural things, but I do.  I actually have an old copy of "Pomes Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect," by The Bard of Scotland hisself.  It's not autographed by Bobby, because it's not really, really old...I mean, my copy of it isn't.)

I'm touched...

(Jokes about that will be deleted by the Blog Administrator).

Truth is, I have a VERY good singing voice (even if I do have to say so myself).  

You see, the problem is that I recorded that V-Logg at about 6:00 am.  I had only had one cup of coffee at that time, and everybody knows that you've gotta get your larynx stretched out throughout the day if you're gonna sing real good.

I mean, it wasn't really great like Vince Lombardi and the Royal Canadians would do it, but it was early.

Real early.

Plus, the cheesy piano plunking background music I chose was in the wrong key for my voice.  But, it was early, and I didn't want to keep Goobling for something better.  It was early.

Real early.

Pretty soon, I'm gonna make y'all a V-Logg with all factors perfect, and y'all can hear just how good I really do sing.

I know y'all can't barely wait!


  1. deleted by the Blog Administrator

  2. HA! Got me there, Jimbo.

    Payback is HE-double toothpicks.

  3. Please do not tell us what having your larynx stretched out entails. I have seen more of my fair share of PAC-12 footbaw this year.

  4. Bwahahahahahaha!

    Leave it to TD...


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