Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! (My perdictions for 2012)


A) The world will not end.

B) Israel will get in a war with Iran.  ObozO will crap his diaper, and have not ONE clue as to what to do. 

3) LSU will beat 'Bama in the BCS Championship on January 9 by the score of 24 to 10.  (We will play MUCH better than we did in Tuscaloosa, and humiliate Corch Saban's bunch.

4)  My beloved LSU Tigers will go 13-0 again in the regular season, and head off to play some useless team from the Big XII (or whatever it is now) in the BCS Championship game in 2013.   

We will win (of course), but that will happen over in 2013, so this part of it is not really a perdiction about 2012.

E)  Mitt Romney will trounce Barack ObozO in the Presidential Election, even though the Republicans, for the most part, wished they'd had a more conservative candidate.  He will be elected in November of 2012 in an electoral landslide...mostly because all of those "first time" voters that ObozO inspired to the polls in 2008 (and have not voted since) have forgotten where their polling station is.

As a side note, Mitt will stun his conservative detractors by actually presiding in the Oval office as a conservative.  He will govern much more conservatively than Dubya did...but it'll take a few years for that to play out, so this is not a perdiction for 2012.

6)  The Republicans will gain full control of all three branches of gubmit (The White House, The Senate, and the House of Representatives, those are the three branches, according to the retarded guy from New Stinkin' York, Senator Chuck Schumer).

7)  Gold will stay about where it is as far as monetary value...maybe drop a hundred bucks per ounce.  (Silver will, too.  It's already nose-dived, and will likely stay right where it's at).

8)  Incandescent light bulbs will NOT be banned after all!  The Congerss will reverse itself when the overwhelming phone calls, e-mails, and threats of violence toward Congerssmen/Women/Whatever from constituents that have NOT been paying attention for the last many years outweigh the political power of GE (which GE sucks).

9)  Another dictator will die.  Hopefully, it will be Fidel Castro.   But, it won't matter.  "Mans' Inhumanity to Man" will rock on until Jesus comes.


10)  Notre Dame's football program will suck.  


11)  I will finally figure out exactly how to change the touch sensitivity on my phancy new iPhone, and not accidentally call my Brother-in-Law in the middle of the night and wake him up when I was really just trying to check my e-mail.

12)  Our old buddy,  Two Dogs, will start blogging again in serious fashion.  (If he decides to).

13)  (That's a prime number, in case you didn't know)  "The Peace of Jerusalem" will still be prayed for by Yours Truly.

14)  I will not have a grandchild born, but will continue to have a never-ending brood of great nieces and great nephews.

I swear, they're like a bunch of rabbits.

15)  Tucker will turn two years old, but he will not exhibit the standard "Two Year Old" behavior.

16)  (Removed before publishing, because even though I'd be right with this one, it would hurt a family member's feelings if they read it.)

17)  Same as #16.

18)  Same as #17.

19)  My baby brother will turn 50 in July.  He will be a fabulous Father to his newborn baby girl (I don't remember what her name is, but it's no biggie because I can barely remember the names of my own children).

Yep!  He's really gonna be 50, and has to keep care of this little package.

Glad it's not me! 

Just sayin'...

20)  Drumroll..............Andy will buy a new comprutuh!  Even though I am scared spitless, because all of my biz customer database is on MS Works 8, and I am ALMOST POSITIVE  that it will not work with Windows 7, and I'm probably going to have to start back from scratch with about a bazillion things having to do with my biz, and Daddy's biz to actually be a productive human in this digital age, I'm gonna have to do it.

It took two restarts just to get this overwhelmingly wonderful glob post done.


I guess us XP fans are going the way of the dinosaurs.  

Oh yeah, something I forgot...The Mayans suck!  No matter how much y'all wish the world is going to end pretty quick, and put y'all out of y'all's ain't gonna happen. 

Merry New Years!!!


  1. You're prolly right about having to re-do everythang that works on XP when you move to Win7. I've heard stories and I have a few of my own. Example: ALL my financial shit was in MS-Money, version-sumthin'-like-1992, which is to say everythang dating back to then. Did it work on Vista? No. Could I import/export my files to the newer version o' Money or Quicken? No. This is how firebombin' careers begin.

    I hope you're right about Romney and wrong about ND. I sympathize with your bro, too... SN3 was born when I was 52. You cope.

    We be done now.

  2. Buck, I hope I'm wrong about a lot of this...not all, but some of it.

    52, eh?

    You and baby brudduh are braver men than I am.

  3. Agree on most of your predictions, though I may waffle a bit on the football predictions. And nothing wrong with hanging onto XP for a little while longer, at least until Microsoft forces it completely into obsolescence. But I do have a new laptop coming in the next couple days with Windows 7 installed on it (want nothing to do with Vista), so we'll see if the transition will be worth it.

  4. Windows 7? You guys are so far behind! I'm already up to Windows 95!!


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