Saturday, December 24, 2011

See, what I was trying to do was capture Tucker's "first steps" on my phancy new iPhone video camera...


Hey y'all!  Merry Christmas, ho ho ho, and all that...

I have told y'all about Tucker, my little great nephew that The Mrs. keeps care of four days a week.  The boy is almost one year old, and I KNOW that he can walk.  I mean, the boy can stand straight up from butt-sitting, but he just won't walk.

So, me, The Mrs., and #3 son were trying to force him to walk!

Now, as I've noted, Tucker is the sweetest, best-natured little cat we've ever had around here at Andy's Place.  He rarely ever cries...he's lovable & huggable...and a pilferer extraordinaire!  

A real boy.

But, as we discovered, he does NOT want to walk just yet.  After several tries holding his hand and letting go, he finally made it clear that he had NO PLANS to walk, and needed some Aunt Pam love, instead.

Y'all enjoy!  I mean, what could be better to watch on Christmas Eve than a video of a crying baby?

Answer me that!


  1. Like I said he's still a little Cutie. Hey why walk when you have someone to carry you? :) Give that little fellow a hug for me.

    Psst! My son had colic for the first 9 months of his life. I got so use to his crying that it was hard to sleep without it.

  2. Stopsign, our oldest son had colic for the first 8 months...and he was a breast baby, too. Poor Pam walked around "fried."

    So, we know of what you speak.

    It's a miracle that we ever had any more...

  3. "Mebbe if I stick my fingers in my eye I can get some REAL tears."

    I dunno, Andy. What kinda guy gets his kicks outta making babies CRY? On Christmas EVE, at that? I dunno...

  4. Y'all are just MEAN!!! Santa's going to leave you nothing but switches and coal and you'd deserve it!!

  5. Buck, and Mrs. Who...

    What can I say. Y'all are right. I suck, but it was as funny as all get-out. It was one of those "You're the baby" moments that you can't stop laughing about.

    That child is a treasure...closest thing we've got (and may ever) to a grandchild. Ah loves him!

  6. He is adorable! I felt so bad for him; I kept waiting for someone to pick him up.

  7. Santa just might crap down your chimney for that one.


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