Friday, January 13, 2012

Half way through my "mini vacation"...


...and, roughly 20% through my list of junk to get done.

Better pick up the pace, I guess.

Is it my imagination, or are there A LOT more leaves on the ground at Andy's Place this year...and do I have A LOT less energy/concern to do something about it?

Nope!  Not my imagination.

Maybe the trees were bigger, and leafier this year.  

Maybe my DOGAS is lower this year.

Yep!  That's probably it.

There be mucho to do, and time short iz.


  1. GET TO WORK!!

    There. I've done my good deed for the day. Happy Hour can't be TOO far away.

  2. Thanks, Buck! Just the inspiration I needed!

    Happy hiney...

  3. Andy, like Buck says, get to work. Wait. Is that a picture of a squirrel there, looking all cozy and comfortable? You do remember that squirrels drive me crazy don't you? You just put that pic up to taunt me. Ima gettin' my shotgun right now and coming down to Shreveport. When I get through with them little slackers you'll have more than leaves to rake up.

  4. Dan, my friend...I WELL REMEMBER the squirrel-killin' story!

    I hate them sombitches myself! I've even resorted to allowing felines to live here at Andy's Place to handle the tree rats.


    But, it's working. Those dang cats are sheer terrorists that have dragged up dead squirrels, squirrel tails, rats, etc. that they've handled.

    Imma let 'em stay.

    Maybe next Spring, we can plant squash. We're gonna give 'er a rip!


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