Thursday, January 12, 2012

These dreams...


I guess we all dream.  

I rarely remember my dreams.

But, the ones I do usually involve people from my past that are together in places, and in situations that they should not be.  You know...a 6th grade girlfriend, visiting with your Great Aunt, at a party hosted by an old friend of yours that lives a thousand miles away, that neither has ever met...

And then, very often Abraham Lincoln will be there, too.

Odd, I know.

But, last night I had two distinct dreams that I remember well.

Let me preface Dream #1:  Yesterday, Tucker (our little great nephew that The Mrs. keeps care of several days a week) crapped his diaper 6 times.  SIX.  Really.  And, he's not sick or anything...they were just normal 1 year-old crap extra stink or anything that would indicate some internal problem.  The boy just eats a lot, and dookies out the extra regularly.

Nothing wrong with that.  


Dream #1:  My Big Sis (Tucker's Grandmother) calls us in the middle of the night.  The Mrs. picks up the phone.  (Somehow I can hear what Big Sis is saying to her, even though she's on the other side of the bedroom with the phone.)  Big Sis says, "We've taken Tucker to the Emergency Room!  The Doctor says he's got an impacted bowel."

I'm laying there thinking, "This can't be right...this must be a dream."

Sure enough it was.

Dream #2:  The Mrs. comes to me with some "big news."  She says, "Andy, I'm pregnant.  I had missed a few cycles, and figured that I was just going through the change.  But, I got bigger and bigger, and finally took a test.  It was positive."

Have you ever had that dream where you were falling?  I mean, endlessly falling, and you wake up right before you hit the ground?  Well, Dream #2 ended that way.

After The Mrs. told me she was expecting, I made my way to the top of the Horseshoe Casino Hotel, and threw myself off!  But, I woke up before I hit the pavement.


A lot of that could have to do with the fact that at about 2300 HRS last night we received a phone call notifying us that Brother-in-Law (The Mrs. brother) had suffered a heart attack, and was in the ICU at a hospital in NW Arkansas. 

The Mrs. was restless most of the night...and I guess I was, too.

Better news today.  Even though they "lost him" at one point, it seems he'll survive, and has been transported to a medical facility in Little Rock, where he will undergo surgery tomorrow.  He's in good spirits, and The Mrs.-in-Law is there with him.

That's all.


  1. Best to the BiL, Andy. Prayers to y'all.

    And on the dream thingy, I rarely remember mine, either. But, this past Sunday, I dreamed that I was getting chased through the country club parking lot in a stolen golf cart. I wheeled up to the pro shop just long enough to steal a pair of golf shoes, too. I laughed about that all day long because it was like the end of the Bennie Hill show skit thingy.

  2. Nyuk! Thanks, TD.

    Man, I'm chuckling.

    Dreams rarely make any sense. I tried to equate Tucker's non-blockage in the gut with BiL's definite blockage in the the Doc was so wrong...etc.

    Yada yada yada...

    And, The Mrs. being pregnant thing MUST have to do with my desire to commit suicide! IT MUST!

    Nyuk...Just joshin'...y'all don't call 911 and get me committed, or nothin'...just joshin...

    Dude, I can just see you being chased while on a stolen golf cart...I'm gonna laugh about that one all day, too.

  3. First of all, wish the best to your brother in law.
    On the dream thing, a couple of the meds I take have a warning that they can cause weird dreams.
    They do.

  4. Hope your brother in law is OK and you have more enjoyable dreams.

  5. Hope and pray your brother in law is doing well, Andy.

    As for the dreams, I spent a year or so keeping a dream journal. I wrote my dreams from the night before in it most mornings when I woke up. I'll tell you, there was some pretty weird stuff in there. And some good stuff too. But I'll be darned if I could make any sense out of them. I did try though. The unconscious does not give up its secrets very easily.

  6. Same here, Andy, all the best to youe brother-in-law.

    Speaking of dreams, The Mayor had one the other night he can't seem to get out of his mind. He dreamt he was at some sort of cooking show, watching a chef in this lumberjacket type of thingie, making chocolate chip cookies.

    It was scary, yet funny, yet scary.

  7. Mayor, I am glad that we do not have "Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians" on the tee-vee in the States.

  8. I'm never gonna escape that one, am I?

    Thanks guys for the good wishes for BiL. I hope we hear something this morning. They've not been able to do his heart cath yet, because they can't seem to get his blood pressure stable.

    We'll see...

    Thanks again. Y'all are great.

  9. Yep, prayers for your brother-in-law and family.

    I dreamed Toby and I had a big fight. It was hard to be nice to him the next morning.

  10. Keeping your BIL (and the entire family) in my prayers. Is he at Baptist or the Heart Hospital? Baptist took very good care of my Daddy.

    If I turned up pregnant, you could come visit me in the looney bin cause that's where I'd wind up!

    I've had some pretty strange dreams lately, too. Must be something in the Louisiana stratosphere.

    Keep us posted.

  11. Thanks, Moogie. He is at the Arkansas Heart Hospital, and scheduled for a cath at 1100 HRS.

    'Preciate the love & prayers.

  12. My best thoughts for your BIL, Andy. And the Missus, too.

    As for this: After The Mrs. told me she was expecting, I made my way to the top of the Horseshoe Casino Hotel, and threw myself off! But, I woke up before I hit the pavement.

    That brings new meaning to "livin' the dream." I was your age (or slightly older: 52) when The Second Mrs. Pennington informed me "we" were expecting. I considered my alternatives, and a tall building or a bridge were in the running. But... it t'weren't so bad. Sorta. Kinda.

  13. Sending prayers for your BIL.

    BTW~Sweet Dreams


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