Thursday, January 12, 2012



Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I was over at Dapper Dan's joint, and something sparked a memory.  There was a girl I knew back in high school, and if you would ask her a question she intended to answer in the affirmative, she'd say "Can James Brown get down?"

Then Dan mentioned that a friend of his used, "Does a bear crap in the woods?"  (I'm sure it was likely more colorful than that, but Dan is classy).

I thought about another guy that used the very un-pc, "Is the Pope a pollock?" quite often.  (That one has now run its course, obviously).

I was wondering...

Do y'all have any colorful "affirmatives" you remember from your past (or presently hear)?

If so, I could use some new conversational material.

That's all.

For now.


  1. Geez, I put three of 'em in a single post just the other day, and now you want me to key 'em in all over again?

    Some people are soooo demanding. :)

  2. Does the Pope (crap) in the woods? Too predictable, I know. But ya didn't mention it.

    And none of the Popes were fishes. One WAS a Polack, though. ;-)

  3. Inno: How did I miss that? What were they? C'mon...GIVE!

    Dave: That one will be used by Yours Truly.

    Buck: Not to put too fine a point on this deal, but I'm not really sure that it is affirmative that the Pope does crap in the woods. So, I might have to pass on that.

    And, I know that you and I have been around this barn before,

    Lou: Sigh...

  4. You're using the Urban Dictionary as a definitive source? Let me quote a real dictionary:

    pol·lock  [pol-uhk] Show IPA
    noun, plural -locks, ( especially collectively ) -lock. Chiefly British.
    1. Also called saithe. a North Atlantic food fish, Pollachius virens, of the cod family.
    2. pollack.

    The Urban Dictionary is nothing more than the collective wisdom of our educational system... or the blind leading the blind. I find it interesting that the misspelling is now so common that real dictionaries now include it as a secondary meaning, albeit spelled in the correct manner.

    We shall continue to tilt at windmills as long as windmills look like monsters, and sometimes they ARE. Thus sayeth Sancho Pennington, secondary manservant to the inimitable Don Q.

  5. Locked away somewhere safe in this fuzzy brain, probably. It'll come to me and awaken me at 2:00 tomorrow morning. Thanks for that.

  6. Is a frog's butt watertight?
    Is a pig's butt pork?
    Does rattlesnake butt taste like chicken?

  7. Thanks for the link, Andy. But I have to repay it with this newly coined affirmative:

    Is Alabama #!?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  8. Inno: How DID I miss those? Definitely going in the lexicon.

    Dan, don't be sorry. I'll likely use that one, too.


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