Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Andy gets a "Mini-Vacation."


Hey y'all!

Well, I am indeed on a "mini-vacation."  The good folks that write my paycheck (for my day job) are kind enough to give us employees "holidays."  Well...since I worked through the holiday season, I'm taking advantage of those days, and I have found myself with FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT OFF!

And, I ever need the time to get caught up on junk!  Personal own business...Daddy's first of the year price increases which must be updated on his website (as y'all know, I am his link to the virtual world of commerce)...and Andy's Place really looks like crap.  I mean...dookie true!

So, I had me some big plans for the first day of my "Mini-Vacation."

Started out by dropping by City Hall, and paying the water bill.  Visited with a friend there for a couple of minutes...and that was nice.

The Mrs. needed to go to JC Penneys at the mall to pick up something that only they have.  But, we had about 15 minutes to burn before Penneys opened up, so we decided to meander across the highway to The Office Depot to look at printer/scanners.  I'm in need of a replacement, due to the fact that my Magenta ink has quit feeding, and new ones are too cheap to try to get an old one fixed.

Well, we looked around, and I found a pretty nifty HP that I'll probably get once my trusty Epson finally craps out (I can live without magenta ink for now).  Anyway, it was after 1000 HRS now, and we could head on over to Penneys.  Then this:

Starter crapped out on me.

I knew it was going bad...actually been waiting for a few days when I could do without Black Beauty to get it rebuilt.  I was thinking back as to how long it has been since the good folks at Martin's Auto Electric rebuilt that starter...

Well, thankee very much, Blogger!!!...I found it.  Almost four years ago

That ain't bad.

Anyway, I'm sitting there on the parking lot trying to figure out what to do.  The Mrs. decided to just walk on across the highway and do her shopping (she did not wear good "walking shoes," but that is another story).  I figured if I just let the Starter cool off, it would crank again.  After about an hour (car still not starting), I decided to walk on over to the mall and meander around with her.  It was pretty okay.  Not great, but pretty okay.

At roughly Noon, we hoofed it back to the car, and still...DEAD.  Right then is when I came to really appreciate my phancy new iPhone.  I remembered that I had a "Gooble App."  I flipped that app on...hit the little button that looks like a microphone, and spoke into The iPhone, "Towing, 71112."

I swear, that iPhone threw up a long list of towing companies near the 71112 zip code.  I scrolled down through them and found one not far from Andy's Place (and Martin's Auto Electric).  There was a little button next to that Towing Company's name with a phone number.  I hit that little button, and the dang iPhone started dialing it.

These are wonderful times in which we live.  Truly amazing!

I made arrangements to be towed, and the nice young lady said they'd be there "pretty soon."  So, me and The Mrs. are sitting there in the Sable, and I think, "Let me try this ONE MORE TIME."


Start she, I hit the "recent calls" button on my iPhone, spoke to the very nice young lady and cancelled the tow, then we drove the car to Martin's under our own power.  

Life is good. 

Half a "mini-vacation" day burned...

Life is good.

I'll let y'all know how the rest of this "vacation" comes down.


  1. Oooh, how I hate intermittent problems. Stuff like that, I'd rather it just broke than to tease me.

  2. Inno...I knew the starter was going bad. In fact, I've been "milking it" until these days "off" I had coming.

    Plan to drive somewhere...stay at least two hours...then drive home, when you know it'll start again after you leave it sit overnight.

    Martin's will get 'er fixed up real good tomorrow. They know their starter junk! We'll be back in biniss by tomorrow afternoon.

    Life is good.

  3. Days off are good, very good. Car problems are not good, not good at all.

  4. I hate car issues. The bane of my existence, and the core reason for too many financial crises in my lifetime.

    As far as printers go, we're thinking of getting a wireless one, so all the computers and laptops in the house can print without being physically hooked up to one. See any good ones while you were shopping?

  5. I'm glad ya got away without havin' to be towed. Car problems suck.

  6. You know how I feel about car problems. Paramount suckage, right up there with leaking water mains and meters.

  7. Hate car trouble but those iphones are cool.


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