Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Coworker stops me today and asks...


Coworker:  Hey Andy, did you hear that the whole LSU Tiger football team is still locked up in their hotel rooms?

Me:  No!  What...Les doesn't want 'em talking to the press?

Coworker:  No, somebody painted a 50 yard-line down the hallway, and nobody can figure out how to cross it.

Me:  Got me!

We high-fived.  Gotta laugh to keep from cryin'...


  1. Andy, I heard this last night at our monthly HS class dinner and couldn't wait to put in a comment here at Andy's place but dang it you beat me to it.

    As a long suffering Vandy fan I could give you several comebacks to use when people taunt you after a loss. Our favorite is..."at least our guys are a lot smarter than your guys." On second thought, I don't know if that one would work for your Bengal Tigers. :-) The guy in this article from the Bleacher Report blames the loss on Les' keeping Jefferson in the game instead of putting in Lee at QB. What do you think?


  2. Dan, I'm pretty sure your "we're smarter than y'all" deal wouldn't fly. Unless Ole Miss had beat us, and then, well...YEAH!

    At least everybody was healthy, and out on parole for the game.

    Since you axed about Lester not putting Lee in...

    I really don't think it would have made much of a difference. Yeah, we might have gotten on the board...or maybe even broken the 100 yard mark in total offense. But, truth is...we came to play, and 'Bama came to win.

    Lee probably would have done better than Jefferson (who was obviously bamboozled by their behemoths). But, 'Bama was going to win this one.

    There are ridiculous cries from LSU fans to fire Les. I actually had someone stop me at work and ask me if I thought Les would get fired for corching such a retarded game (my lingo, not his). I looked at him and said, "You MUST be kidding me. It is IMPOSSIBLE to fire a coach that went 13-0, won the SEC Championship (the REAL national championship, btw), and only lost to one of the best teams since the BCS came around."

    I am not on the "Les screwed up big-time" band, as so many Tiger fans are.

    Hell, the guy recruited the #1 high school QB in the nation for next year (he's smart, too)...a guy out of Indiana who everybody says makes Drew Brees look like a piker.

    Lester has done a fine job. I won't second guess him on leaving Jefferson in the game. We will never know, of course, but Lee may have done even worse against the fierce pass rush.

    Truth is...those guys are damn good, and you rarely beat the best twice in a season. Or, ever.

  3. Hard to tell who stunk up things worse - LSU against Alabama, or the Falcons against the Giants in their wild-card playoff game.

  4. I heard the 50 yard line thing and Interstate 10, about how LSU couldn't get back to Baton Rouge because someone had painted a . . . .

    I certainly don't think Les should be fired, but he did stink up the coaching for this game. I think he allowed the team to believe that it wouldn't even have to try, that 'Bama was just going to go down. He needs to go to his room and just think about what he did.


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