Tuesday, January 10, 2012







Ouch!  That hurt.

Not really, so much.  

I'm in a hurry, with lots on my plate today, and doin' it on short rest.  I've just got to take a minute to tell the rest of the nation that y'all got y'all's work cut out for you next season.

We already know firsthand.

Good grief!  That McCarron boy from 'Bama threw some spooky sharp passes, and his receivers made catches that normal humans just don't.  And, they did it against an excellent Tiger defense, too.

As to the 'Bama defense.

WOW!  I knew they were good.  But...

Just WOW!

Y'all don't be worried about me.  I am not depressed.  But, I was "impressed."  

Great season, Tigers!  Y'all played a regular season worthy of the SEC Championship!  I'm proud of y'all!

Great game, Tide!  Y'all played a BCS Championship game better than anybody yet!

We'll get back to this in September.

As far as I know, it does not come early this year.  In fact, we got a leap day thrown in here before we get there, too.



  1. Wow indeed. I think Pepper's and my jaws are still hanging open this morning.

    And I'm still having Jarrett Lee issues.

    What a great SEC season! I don't think I can wait til September.


  2. So sorry, Andy. But on the bright side, you can now join me in the Not Champions club.

  3. That's a real comfort, Inno. But, an SEC Championship is almost as good...I mean, if you don't get your butt whipped like we did.



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