Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It used to be lots of fun to get a new comprutuh...



  1. And Tucker is thinking 'the old guy has lost it, he's talking to the wall'.
    Seriously, I might have to get a new one soon too. Mine is maybe four years old but sounds like a 61 Chevy with dual pipes idling. Have fun with that thing, getting all those files transferred and what not!

  2. Jimbo, "fun" is not what I'm looking at right now.

    Unhooking junk, hooking up junk, downloading programs & drivers, installing programs, accessing Carbonite, and deciding which files to restore...

    Then HOPING the whole thing is usable when I get finished.


    I remember when comprutuhs were for storing recipes, and getting the occasional e-mail from old friends.

    Then (at least in my case), they became a tool...and a diversion.

    Right now, it seems more like a tool.

    Tucker is a helluvalot cuter, and more fun to mess with.

    All I've been able to manage is the energy to take take this opportunity to get my desk/credenza cleaned off...thrown about a zillion things in the trash, and wiped it down for the first time in a coon's age.

    I'm gonna miss this old gal I'm banging on! I think Imma keep using this keyboard, even though the new HP came with one. I've grown accustomed to her touch... weird was that last line???

  3. Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole!

  4. Computers can be fun, but tickling babies can be even more fun.

  5. Tucker knows more about hooking up a new computer than I do.

  6. Dave, ditto.

    Kartman, nyuk... I did not EVEN crack the tape on the cardboard box last night.

    Seems like too much of a chore. In fact, since my cheapo e-machine heard it was being replaced, she's being replaced, she's running like brand new. Seriously.

    Maybe I'll send the new HP back.


  7. You're right: a new box is a MAJOR PITA. Mine sat on the floor for two days before I got around to doin' all that had to be done. I'm glad it's over.


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