Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm iz somewhat comfruzed.


Okay, so I tore into the cardboard, and styrofoam, and destructions for my new HP comprutuh this afternoon.

A few observations:

1)  Computers run real fast now compared to the old junk I've been using.

2)  This is going to be JUST AS BIG A TASK AS I FIGURED IT WOULD BE!

c)  I'm somewhat confrused.

Good of it is that it seems everything is working properly  (Maybe).  Fired 'er up, installed AVG & Firefox first thing.  Then, accessed my Carbonite account...file restoration is in progress  (I know cause they sent me an e-mail saying it is.  They're good).

Now I plan to install the programs I gots disks for, and then go on up and download the programs I need that I don't have solid in my hands.

I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a long night.


I am SURE hoping that Carbonite restores my Firefox bookmarks.  If I have to start over with that, Imma puke.  I think it will, because I think it did last time.

Well...there be mucho to do, and time short iz.

I'll let y'all know how it comes out.

Dang...this comprutuh is fast.  But, I've already had to look around to see WHY all I had was a big ol' HP screen with fishy bubbles on it, when I was expecting the desktop (btw, HP, quit loading all that crap on the startup desktop, would ya'?)

BTW, I am pounding this post out on my Toshiba Netbook.  I know how to use her.

Y'all have a good evening, and I'll see y'all tomorrow.



  1. A tip, if'n ya don't already know... save yer FF bookmarks on the old box in an HTML file and then use the "import from file" function in FF when you're on the new box. Works like a charm, and that's the way I recovered all my bookmarks on my new box. This presupposes you're using the latest version of FF, of course.


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