Friday, January 27, 2012

Light Bulbs (moments)...


Hey y'all!  I've been off the grid trying to get caught up on my business, and Daddy's, too.  

And, I've been fighting comprutuh wars trying hard to get this new 'chine up and running with all the software necessary to get caught up on business.  A bunch of my old disks don't load on to Windows I'm adjusting, adapting, and (slowly) overcoming.

Gonna take a while.  But, I already KNOW it's gonna be worth it.   

This thing is bitchin'!

Light Bulb Moment #1:   I went to The WalMart this morning to make a few comprutuh related purchases (and get some cat food for #4 son's cats), and happened by a display of incandescent light bulbs.  The WalMart is selling 4-packs of incandescent bulbs for $1.59 (GE Soft Whites).  So, I bought 10 4-packs for $15.90 (plus tax).  

That would bring me up to possessing (roughly) 2,018 incandescent light bulbs.  Listen...I've been stocking up for years, and I've been telling y'all for ages now that you need to be stocking up, since they may not be available in the near future.  (I plan to sell them on the black market one day).

Now, regular visitors will remember that one of my PREDICTIONS for 2012 is that the ban on the manufacture of incandescent bulbs will be repealed, due to public outcry.  But just in case it is NOT, and I am wrong (again), y'all need to go get you enough to last until you croak.

Light Bulb Moment #2:  Well, this really isn't a light bulb moment.  But, while I was searching this pitiful Titanic of a blog for a picture I had once posted (that I wanted to set as my desktop background...and which I eventually found), I came across an old post I wrote in December of 2008.

Man...I had forgotten about that conversation!  

Weblogs can be very valuable...especially if you're an aging man with a failing memory.


  1. Well, you succeeding in making me wipe my eyes. Hope y'all are doing great!

  2. Well, there went two of the 2,018 light bulbs.

  3. Why should I buy a bunch of stinkin' lightbulbs when I can just steal yours?

  4. Jim, we're doing just somewhat great! Thank you, kind sir. Man, this blog really used to be worth reading...I realize it when I look back at the former work. Sigh...

    TD, Yep! 79 cents down the friggin' drain! Sigh...

    Inno: Bring plenty of firepower if you plan on it. Seriously, get you bunches of 'em! They're on sale at The WalMart...lots easier than the probable bullet in your groin if you proceed with your current plan of stealing mine.

  5. I stocked up on the light bulbs last year. But!! I'm glad to know I can get more from Andy's Light Bulb Emporium.

  6. I prolly have a four year supply o' bulbs. Which is pretty close to "lifetime" in my particular case.

    I also have the same sorta thoughts about my new desktop, i.e., I love it.

    2008 musta been shortly before I found ya, Andy (not that you were wanderin' in the wilderness or anything). Good post, that, and (once again) I have the same sorta feelings about my old stuff, too.

  7. Good post, Andy. Paul sounds like a great kid. And I hear you about forgetting stuff. Happens to me all the time. Plus, sometimes I look back at an "old" post and can't even remember having written it. Now that's bad.

  8. Buck, I can't remember when we crossed paths, but it was probably after that. Been a pleasure, too.

    Dan, sometimes I look back at old posts, and think, "Man, that was good." Other times it's more "What was I thinking?" There are some I wish I didn't remember writing.

    Staci, for you only a slight markup. Plus S&H, of course...

  9. Thank goodness for computers and blogs - I do love being reminded of great stories. Son #4 sounds like a real blessing.

    Light bulbs and Drixoral - I'm so jealous.


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