Saturday, January 21, 2012

A look back at my arrival on the planet Earth.


I started to scan a baby picture of myself and post it.  But, I decided not to.

I could do it.  I have a scanner.  Or, I could just scan any of the baby pictures of my 4 sons and post that.

Carbon copies of Yours Truly at birth.

Bless their hearts.

But naw, I was goofing around on The Facebook, and there was this deal about "The #1 Song When You Were Born."  I looked at it, and you have to take one of their special offers in order to find out what the #1 song was on the day you were born.


But, I was curious.  So, I did me a quick The Gooble Search©, and found The Billboard Hot 100 #1 tunes for 1959 on Wickedpedia. 

There's some good ones in there, too.  I love "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," and "Stagger Lee."  I really like "Stagger Lee."  Always have.

It got me to thinking about how maybe we get "marked" as little babies by the sounds we hear.

I fast-forwarded down the page to the actual date of my birth (September 5, 1959), and find that "The Three Bells," by Jim Ed, and The Browns was #1 when Mom was pooping me out.

  Click on it.

I've always loved that song.  But even more so the #1 song that came behind it.  Santo & Johnny's "Sleepwalk" is quite possibly my favorite instrumental of all time.  I got to thinking that there is a great likelihood that Mom took me home from the horsesplittle, and played the radio all day.  In fact, I'm sure she did.

I remember as a little kid that the pop radio station (KEEL 710) played all day.  When Daddy got home from work (or a couple of minutes before), she'd switch it over to KWKH 1130 (Daddy was a country fan).

Anyway, I'm pretty sure these songs got seared into my brain in the infantile stage...and I doubt that I will ever forget one word, or one chord.

Hmmmm...never really much thought about it before.  Now it all makes sense.

Anyway, a couple of YouTube videos.  Y'all might not want to look at them, but I'm posting them so I can find them easier in the future.

Y'all have a good evening!

And just for some further enjoyment...

Dr. Les Paul...


  1. Good music. I remember 1959 pretty well, turned 12 years old that year.
    I saw that thing on Facebook but I'm like you, don't allow all those apps access to my info.
    I did the Billboard thing for 1947 and found that the #1 song was Woody Guthrie - This Land is your Land. Much cooler than what I thought I would find, being so old and all.
    You really should put up that baby picture.

  2. Jimbo, you could have done a lot worse than "This Land Is Your Land."

    I remember being forced to sing it in some program at R.V. Kerr Elementary school.

    Wasn't all that bad as I recall.

    You're not as old as I thought. I figured Pennies From Heaven was probably #1 when you got landed here.

  3. Andy, to be honest, I figured it would be something like that too.
    P.S. - you really should put up the baby picture.

  4. Imma do it, Jimbo.

    Probably on my birfday.

    That'll give y'all something to look forward at!!!

  5. My grandfather played the steel guitar as in the Santo and Johnny video. I remember him playing and singing old hymns. He was good. I did not get the music gene.

    Looks like "Don't" and "I Beg of You" were hits along with McGuire Sisters' "Sugartime." I guess I was too young to remember those songs.

  6. The Beatles were playing the year I was born and I'm not saying what year. :)

  7. Lou, I remember those. My kids got all my music genes. Thank God their mother has some talent.

    Stopsign, nyuk...

  8. "Rum and Coca-Cola" by the Andrews Sisters. That was big at ALL the USOs, as was Glenn Miller... whose plane went down three months before I was born.

    I remember 1959 pretty well myself bein' as how I was in high school. Good times!

  9. 'Lonely Boy' by Paul Anka for me. I'm pleased to report the song was not prophetic in my case...

  10. "Rum and Coca-Cola." Man, I haven't heard that one in a coon's age, but I do remember it.

    I mean...the song.

    Dadman, nyuk!!! You DEFINITELY have not been lonely

  11. I got stuck with Foreigner, "I Wanna Know What Love Is." On a brighter note, Mighty Merle Haggard was topping the country charts when I was born!

  12. Boogie, that is one of my Foreigner favorites. You iz a lucky duck. And, Merle...well...don't get any better on the country side.

    Dave, I am surprised. From reading your blog, I figured you to be older than you are. I do not know when Hey Jude was #1, but I remember listening to it playing on our little 45 record player in "The Boys Bedroom." So, I must have been at least 6 or 7.

    Buddy, you've got a lot of life under your belt for a man your age.



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