Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just pulled the trigger on a new 'chine!



Intel Inside (i5)

8 GB ram

1.5 TB hard drive

Thanks for all the advisements, y'all!  Special thanks to Dadman (the Intel expert), who talked me up in processing.  I'm sure I will be glad he did.

I was actually hoping he would, and I got the advice I wanted to hear.

It is due in town on Thursday.

Sure hope this old gal I'm pounding on can hold out until then...


  1. That sounds like the same box I got. I'm glad ya bought HP... it will help to ensure those guys keep sending me my monthly love letter, which keeps me in beer and cigars (but not much else).

  2. Buck, as I told Dadman. Intentionally bought Intel, and HP.

    We gotta keep the money in the fambly.

  3. Thanks Andy. Nineteen years and counting for me and Intel...

  4. Dadman, if you ever decide to jump ship, let me know ahead of time, would ya'?

    I would shed my stock portfolio of INTC, for it surely would tank without The Dadman.

    NYUK! (Heck, it's amazing that y'all are still in biniss, seeing as I am a partial owner).

  5. Be sure to post pics (or vlog) of your new baby when it comes home...


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