Friday, January 20, 2012

Need a bit of advice...


Well, my cheapo e-Machine bargain basement computer (the gal has got some years, and MUCH use under her belt) has just about crapped out.

The only reason I bought her at $299 (with a nice 20" monitor) from The WalMart is because the horrid experiment gone wrong, known as Vista, was what the box sellers were loading...and she was the only one I could find handily (was badly in need, as my Compaq had crapped out...leaving me unable to take care of mine, and Daddy's business) that came equipped with XP.  All our business junk was set up on XP, and I was NOT in the mood to take my chances, or lose any more hair over a stupid piece of electronic junk.

She has done a fine job these years, but it has become evident that she's showing her age, and cheapness.  So, Andy is shopping around for a new comprutuh.  My boys have already given me the details about what processor, ram, hard drive specs that I MUST HAVE.  And, I'm pleasantly surprised that my Works 8 database & Office 2003 will (mostly) work with Windows 7.  

Pleasantly surprised.

Just one hiccup with my necessary programs from what I understand...but there is an Open Office deal that I can switch to which should work just fine.  So, I'm getting a new something.  Don't know what just yet, but I'll run it past the experts before I hit the "buy now" button anywhere.

The question I have for y'all is this.  Now, my current 20" monitor is just fine.  There's not a dang thing in the world wrong with it.  But, what's the fun of buying a fancy new comprutuh without a new monitor?

NO FUN, I tell ya'!  So, while I'm sinking bucks in a box, I'm getting a new screen too, because, because...well, just because.  What I'm wondering is what y'all think about me getting a TV instead of a regular monitor.  From what I'm finding, a very nice 26" TV with HD & HDMI plug-in junk is roughly similar in price to a monitor.  I was thinking that if I was gonna spend the money for a monitor, I may as well go ahead on and get a TV instead that would allow me to look at programs if I wanted to (like switch back and forth between the 'net, and college football games).  

Heck, the cable is right here at the desk hooked up to the cable modem, so that's no problem.

What I'm wondering is if any of y'all know of a problem doing that.  I the quality of the comprutuh image degraded in any way?  Will the video output of my computer match up with the screen size of a TV?  Will I be disappointed if I go that route, or will it be okay?

I figure some of y'all probably use a TV for a monitor, and just hope for a little input.

Y'all don't have to advise me publicly if you don't want to.  You can write your techno-retarded buddy at if you'd rather.  I really would like to know if you've got pros, or cons on this.

BTW, if you've got recommendations on new hardware, I'm all ears on that, too.

Thank y'all!


  1. I am almost certain that you can find a good color tee-vee that will work, but they are just not sharp enough for me.

  2. Thanks, TD. So I put you in the "get a new monitor, or stay with what you have" column.

    Much appreciated.

  3. Why stop at a 26". Buy a laptop that can do as much as a desktop and you can carry it with you, get a wireless interface and view it on your new 60" big screen TV that your wife will agree to letting you buy. LOL. Seriously many of the new TVs have computer inputs, but don't buy cheap. Look at the resolution and buy the one with the best resution.

  4. Darrell, lol, indeed! I'm still with a tube-type Sanyo in the living room.


    I actually thought about buying a powerful laptop, but the truth is that I don't go anywhere much. And, my Toshiba netbook is sufficient for traveling...nifty little deal really. So, I decided to go with a really good box in the home office.

    Thanks for the advice about the resolution...might not go with a TV for a monitor, but if I do I'll make sure it's a good one.

  5. My only advice would be to buy the best you can afford, stay with your current monitor, and make sure the box sez "Intel Inside" or whatever the current marketing schtick is. Those are OUR prejudices, YMMV.

    Is all.

  6. Thanks, Buck! I had definitely decided to go with an "Intel Inside" deal this time. The last few I've bought had AMD inside...

    Not complaining about anything...they've held up fairly well...just thought I'd go with Intel again.

    Yeah, I'm probably gonna keep this monitor. It fits in the credenza well, and there's really no reason to send her to the scrap heap...

    Well...The Mrs. has an old square screen Dell, and she might like this one better.


    Okay! Thanks for the input, my friend.

    Much appreciated.

  7. If you was me Andy (don't get your hopes up) you would buy a regular PC and monitor, then buy a TV card for said PC. That way you can watch TV PIP style while you surf the web, pause and record TV in Windows Media Center, take screenshots from TV shows to use on your blog etc.

    TV cards are cheap:

    Screencaps from TV can bring a SHITLOAD of web traffic:

    Case closed.

  8. Help me feed my Intel. :)

  9. Help me feed my Intel. :)

  10. Woody, thanks for the links and the idea. I had a TV card at one time WAY back, but it went bad, and I never replaced it...that was a couple of machines ago.

    Dadman, no doubt it will be Intel. Gotta keep the money in the fambly.


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