Monday, January 2, 2012

Name that famous relative!!! (Let's try this again)


Editorial note:  I had downloaded this video, and had hit the "private" button, so if you tried to look at it, you could not.  Thanks StopSign, for giving me the heads up.  But, it pretty well sucks anyway, so you didn't miss anything.
Hey y'all!

I made y'all a V-Logg to see if y'all could guess something, and win some blog points (50 of 'em, too!  Those will come in handy sometime, some place, somewhere).

Trust me, they will... 

(A clarification.  This V-Logg might confuse y'all.  My "Papaw" did not die young-ish.  I was talking about my famous relative singer when I said, "He died young-ish."  Papaw was real old when he died.  He was a great friend, and an interesting character that I had with me, well in to my 30s. He was on up in his 80s, and I still miss him every day.  So, consider y'alls selves clarified on that deal).


  1. Now how am I suppose to win those 50 points?

    It says "This video is private" and Won't let me see it.

  2. Andy, you really do have a great voice. Being as old as I am, I immediately knew who it was. His song 'Four Walls' was my oldest brother's favortie of all time. My brother died in 1968, your cousin before that.

  3. Some guy named Reeves whose first name escapes me. I did NOT google that.

  4. I know it! I know it!
    But I'm not telling until all guesses are in :)
    I remember this song from my childhood.

    Man, hope I don't lose those 50points and that your cold gets better.

  5. Jimbo, I'm blushing! Aw shuckins! I knew you would know immediately...if you could brace yourself to listen.

    Buck, excellent try! Impressive.

    Stop sign, multiple prizes MAY be awarded. I'm thinking about it.

  6. Andy, you are not Jim Reeves but not too bad. When I was a drinking man I used to sing with the ladies who played in the piano bar at Pat O'Brians. Maybe we could sing a duet sometimes.

  7. Kartman, I certainly do not have The Gentleman's croon.

    But , as to that duet thing...well, I do have a decent "ear," and do bitchin' harmony.


  8. Would that make him you 3rd cousin?

    I know who the guy is that died youngish.
    He sang that song to Lois Lane.

    You're related to Christopher Reeves?

  9. Toby listened and said, "Gentleman Jim Reeves."

    Nancy cracked me up.

  10. Nope! Not related to Christopher Reeves...

    Nor, am I related to George.

    Even though I've run down rabbit trails trying to figure whether I was or not.

    I am "related" to another famous Reeves, though. He's got a broad nose like me, and loved him some football.

    Even made some coins in the game, too.

    Nancy...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're a good lady. And, even though I'll probably never have enough money to come down to where y'all live like I used to regularly, I'd love the heck out of you buying me lunch.

    Lou...Toby knows his country/crossover music junk from the dinosaur age. And, if you got to know Nancy a little better, she'd REALLY crack you up!

    Just sayin'...


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