Friday, January 6, 2012

We shall predict the Cotton Bow!!! (Okay, it was not the blowout I expected, but the Hawgz whupped 'em!)

Hawgz 42 - Mildcats 10

Hawgz 29 - Mildcats 16

I'm just posting this so y'all will know just how astute I'm iz on bowl games that really mean something.  Truth is that I have made ZERO predictions on the College Bow games this time around, because none of them really mattered (yet).

But this one does.  Arkansas is the third best team in the nation, and should have been ranked as such coming in to the bow season.

They are going up against the third best team in the Big XII (or whatever it is now).  It will be a massacre, and you will go on to sleep mid-2nd quarter.  Oh wait...that's me that will go to sleep mid-2nd quarter...y'all might last a bit longer.


  1. The Hawgs better not lose to a team from a conference that can't count to 12.

  2. Indeed, Inno! You hit the nail on the noggin...

  3. I think 42-10 sounds about right, if Kansas State can score 10.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence! At this point in the season, we may just be the second best team in the country. Your Tigers (note the respectful absence of a second g) need to step up now and prove me right ( since the Hogs will be crowned second to whoever comes out successfully tomorrow night. At least at Moogie's Mansion).

    They had my blood pressure going for awhile. But, just for awhile!


    And, Geaux Tigers!


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