Friday, January 6, 2012

Is the iPhone wrong?


Maybe somebody can explain this to this dumb hick!

My phancy new iPhone has a World Clock button.  You can select different cities around the world, and find out what time it is there.  So, it's got New York on there, and I added Chicago (even though I don't know anybody in Chicago anymore, but it is in MY time zone...the REAL time zone).

So, I was thinking this morning that I ought to add Kabul, Afghanistan, seeing as Dean is stationed there right now (not in Kabul, but close).  And, look what the iPhone World Clock says.

Now, does that make sense to any of y'all?  Why the 30 minute difference?  Shouldn't it be the same minute, even though different hours?

I guess I could gooble it, but I'm too lazy, and figured somebody out there might be able to solve this mystery.  

(Plus, I just learned that I could take a screenshot of my iPhone, and wanted to try it out.)


  1. When Bean was stationed there, she was 11.5 hours ahead. Methinks that your phone is one hour off. Seriously.

  2. Could be. But, I still don't get the .5 hour deal. I mean, I know it's a backward place, but do they even run time wrong?

  3. It takes that long for the pumps to get the sunshine there. One half hour late.

  4. Okay, mystery solved. Thanks, TD!

  5. There are a number of time zones that have a half-hour's difference. Strange, but true. But I like TD's explanation.

    When SN1 was in The Af I figgered out what the difference was to GMT (+6.5, IIRC) and just added it to local time. Us MilTypes learned to think in Zulu Time in the way-back. Actually "learned" is wrong... we had it BEATEN into us.

  6. See Buck, that is why I edjumacates me! I guess of all the things I've learned in my life, one of them WAS NOT that some time zones are halved.

    Learn something new EVERY DAY.


  7. I just learned something new too

  8. Time is an illusion. Lunch time, doubly so. - Douglas Adams

  9. I go with TD's explanation, too, and will file all of the above info
    for when The Son heads that way later this year.

    How'd you do the iPhone screen shot?!?!


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