Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ever had a day that started off EXTREMELY BAD, and went downhill from there?

., too.

But, I have learned that bad days don't last, or wear on you unless you let them do it to you.

The jury is out on this one.

Naw...just kidding.  Even with all the suck that my early confrontation with 1/5/12 brought (and the jury really IS out on the early suckage of the day), it was all good.  

I got to stretch myself physically/mentally/emotionally/whatever.

I'm thinking that MUST be good for me!  Surely, it MUST!

And, I got to see a beloved FRIEND that I haven't seen in a coon's a hug around the neck from her, and somewhat caught up.

Somewhat.  Not nearly enough.



  1. Glad your day got better or at least that you gotta hug out of it.


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