Thursday, February 2, 2012

The boyzzzz came for dinner tonight.


So, it's kind of a "deal" between The Mrs., and her boyz.  They've got a regular date night on Thursday.  #2 son is off work, and has no classes late on Thursday.  #3 son is free nights.  And, the young man that lived with us for several years (not our biological son...but refers to The Mrs. as "Mom") is off work on Thursday night, too.

The only one of her boyz that can't make it is #1 son.  He is out of country, so it's pretty well out of the question.

So, they all gather up here at Andy's Place for some home cooking at the table they love the best on Thursday nights.  

#4 son really looks forward to having his "big brothers" back at the table, and immediately rushes to the kitchen when he hears the side door open.  His eyes light up, and he easily falls in line with all the hee-hawing foolishness of former years.

He misses them being around.  It's evident.

I can't really say that I miss having all the boys here all the time.  But, I can say that I do enjoy Thursday night...a reminder of the goofy funniness of living in what The Mrs. always termed "a boy's dormitory."

The Mrs. is the champ!  She stretches her brain, and culinary skills to figure out (or create) something new, and delicious for her boyz almost every Thursday night.  

There are rarely leftovers.  

So, while we were in the midst of uproarious hilarity, #2 son laid this one on me.

"Dad, did you hear about the blind guy at Walmart?  This blind guy walked in to the Walmart on Airline Drive.  He grabbed his seeing-eye dog by the tail, and started swinging him around over his head!  People started screaming, and the manager came running.  He tackled the blind guy, and the Assistant Manager held the poor dog until he could get his balance.  The Manager finally picked the blind guy up, and asked him, 'What in the world do you think you're doing?'.  

The blind guy seems puzzled, and says, 'WHAT?  I was just having a look around!' "

( it's not as funny in the telling as it was in the hearing.  But trust me, it was funny.  It was one of those "ya' had to be there" deals).


  1. Andy, nothing beats family time!

  2. it's not as funny in the telling as it was in the hearing.

    Well, **I** thought it was funny. And what Jim said.

  3. I'm way behind on my comments. I would love to have a house full of boys now and then. I usually get girls. But boys romp and stomp, while girls go off and giggle.

  4. You said a mouthful, Lou!

    I swear, I wish I'd have had video rolling at the dinner table with all those boys all those years.

    Then again, it's probably not necessary. All those boys (dozens of 'em that have hee-hawed around The Mrs. dinner table) have recorded those moments where it really matters.

  5. The joke made me laugh.
    Sounds like great Thursday's had by all.

  6. That one really hit me right in the funny bone. I didn't realize how funny it was until I tried to read it to Pepper and could barely do it because I was laughing so much the tears blurred my vision. Bouie wasn't interested in having a look around.

    I envy your Thursday nights!

  7. Yeah, Moogie, it's pretty cool around here on Thursday Nights.

    Pam and I often just shake our heads after the boys leave...

    It's like, "How did we survive it, and how did they ALL survive us?"


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