Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So, I was thinking of something creative to post for y'all!


And, I came up with this...

I thought a little longer, and came up with this...

Truth is, my mind is somewhere else right now. I'll be back around with something worth reading.



  1. And here I was hopin' fer a lil inspiration.

  2. Somehow your photos made me think of this:

    "And now as the gentle breeze stirs the desert sands and the stars begin to twinkle in the night sky, let us fold our tents like the Arabs and silently steal away in sleep."

    That was the sign off of the smooth voiced host (David Cobb) of a nighttime Nashville FM radio program of soft music in the late '50s, early '60s.

  3. Dan, that is beautiful.

    At least the comment was worth stopping by here for.


    They had FM in Nashville back then???

  4. And that second pic: a cow eating grass?

    "Where's the grass?" The cow ate it all.

    "Where's the cow?" It ate all the grass, so it decided not to stick around.

  5. They had FM in Nashville back then???

    And deserts, too? Who knew?

  6. Buck, we got that new fangled FM station just before we got toilets and indoor plumbing. Priorities you know. Music always comes first in the Music City.

    If I remember right, the show was called "Along the Night Trail." It put us to sleep most every night for a year or so while I was doing my M.A. I had won an fM radio for selling the most Cepacol mouthwash at the drugstore where I worked. Funny what you remember.

  7. Heh! I really don't remember FM coming to Shreveport until the late 60s. It probably was here, but all the good stations were still AM.

    Most Cepacol mouthwash...


    I won my honeymoon cruise, Dan. Really, I did. I sold 100 Whirlpool Microwave Ovens in my Daddy's Appliance Store between Nov. 1978, and February 1979.

    That was a lot of microwave $500 per! The Distributor (oh...the good old days when it was appliance the public. Probably why a microwave oven was 500 bucks) was giving a Caribbean Cruise to all salesmen that hit the 100 oven mark.

    Got married on April 7. Cruised on April 30 (I think). We discovered that The Mrs. gets sea-sick very easily. Thank God we discovered it early in our marriage!

    Funny what you remember...

  8. Looks like you came up with summin.

    Enjoyed reading the comments~ I liked what Dan said also.


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