Monday, February 20, 2012

My 1997 Mercury Sable (better known as "Black Beauty") has been giving me some trouble.


I swear, I love the old black gal, and she's the best vehicle I think I've ever owned!

But, I need some advice from y'all.

(Heck...I was asking for help about cosmic appearances last night, and now I'm asking for technical advice/experience about my car.  Y'all are gonna get tired of Andy always "wanting something," so I promise I won't ask y'all nothing again for a while).

Okay...probably most of y'all will not know anything about the particular problem I'm having, so I'll put it in a shadow post for anyone that is interested in helping out.


  1. A rail car full of cottage cheese doesn't have as many lumps as what I just saw.

  2. You got me, Andy, I clicked. And to use your phrase, Nyuukk.

    Butt that ain't no Sable, you know.

    Still, I think what you've done here is to create the perfect post pic for presidents' day, especially if you dedicate the pic to the prez we have now.

  3. I think I recognize her.

  4. Hook, line and sinker. Again.

  5. Dan, indeed it is NOT a Sable. Looks like a gremlin, or something. Leave it to you to look at the car, and miss that find piece of womanhood!

    You're a "car guy," I know.

    Kartman, if you know the chick, please do me a favor and DO NOT introduce me to her. It will be very hard to have a courteous conversation...if you know what I mean.

    Buck, don't kick yourself. It has been a WAY long time since one of those, and as we age we tend to forget just how quickly things can turn bad around here.

  6. Oh Jim...didn't mean to leave you out...just missed your comment.

    You know you love it!

  7. I was thinking Yugo or Subaru Justy. Either way, it'll have a serious list to the portside once that great white whale embarks.


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